16 Calorie Chocolate Truffles!


Need a dessert? Well, truffles are one of those crowd-pleasing desserts that are perfect for weekend get-togethers …or, frankly anytime. I know I can’t resist them Think candy is bad for you? Listen, back several years ago I loved candy like jelly beans, red liquorice, and hot tamales. I thought I was being healthy because…

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Nothing Else Has THIS!

Nothing else has the SPECIAL fat-burning qualities of coconut oil A few days ago I got into a conversation with friends about coconut oil. I was surprised that most of the people around the table had no idea how amazing coconut oil is, and how to use it. I mean I use it every day.…

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Bright Line Eating: What if you’ve been blaming the wrong thing?

Do you know the true cause of your weight struggles? … The true cause of your food addiction? … The true cause of all of your binging on food? What if you are blaming the wrong thing? Blaming the wrong thing What if all of your life you have struggled with your weight? And everyone, including…

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Food Freedom Quiz: + A Very Personal and Humiliating story

What lengths do you go to get your food fix? Way back in 6th grade I was so hooked on junk food that I would actually steal it from other students. Yep. Steal food when everyone was at recess, right out of their lunch bags! What! A totally blind foodthief?! Yeah, I know. As a…

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Gluten-Free in 2017 is the Way to Get Healthy and Slim

In 2017 eating and health is still the #1 focus. Of course it is. Health, and how we look and feel will always be important. Is gluten-free eating the way to health? There are very few things we really have control over right? But think about it… What you eat is one of those things.…

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