1 Simple Step to significantly decrease Pain and Inflammation.

Inflammation, pain, and what you eat are related… Listen to this,; it may help you overcome chronic pain…

Just last week, one of my loyal readers asked me about a topic I am particularly passionate about…

” Kathy. I am beginning to suffer from chronic knee pain, and am experiencing a lot of inflammation in my lower back too. My joints ache and my doctor says I probably have a lot of inflammation throughout my body.”

I write a lot about inflammation and chronic pain.

Read this to see how I overcame my dire pain diagnosis and how it could help you:

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Getting back to my reader in pain…

First, for a traditionally trained medical doctor to point this out is amazing, but, it gets better…

The next part of her question was great (and I knew it would be extremely helpful to you)…

“Kathy, I realize that there is a lot I can do to reduce the inflammation, but it seems overwhelming to tackle all at once. What is just 1 thing I can start doing that will have a big impact without feeling overwhelmed?”

Wow, what a mature approach!

She knew that taking it 1 step at a time would help her to NOT become discouraged.

I will share my 1 biggest suggestion I gave her below, but a lot of what I’ve learned about tackling inflammation and pain I learned from Jesse Cannone’s Free book, “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure.”


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Particularly, be sure to read Chapter 8: The Diet: How Dietary Imbalances Cause Pain.

So what did I tell my reader?

“If I had to choose just 1 thing to do right now to help reduce inflammation it would be to greatly reduce your wheat and gluten intake.”

In fact, I personally have not eaten wheat of any kind for 2 years… and I do feel better.

Eliminating wheat from your diet can have an astounding impact on how you look and feel.

This next point is important to understand:

A. “Modern wheat” we have access to now has been radically altered.
B.   Modern wheat is not our “grandmother’s” wheat!
C.   Yesterday’s wheat wasn’t so harmful like it is today.

In the past, we had many different strains of wheat. But in modern times, in order to increase production, agricultural scientists created two hybrid strains. Right now, more than 99% of the wheat grown worldwide comes from those two hybrid crops.

This means “genetically modified”.

Researchers tell us that genetically modified foods in any form can have an extremely negative impact on our health and weight.

Think about what this means:

We simply cannot ignore the wide-spread increase in obesity, and other serious chronic diseases like: diabetes, allergies, celiac disease, and even cancer.

All of these diseases and many more can be traced back to grain consumption, especially wheat because they cause “internal inflammation”.

Dr. William Davis, a Wisconsin based cardiologist, points out that the hybrid wheat strain shows only 95% of the same proteins as its parent wheat strains: the other 5% are completely unique. This unique 5% of proteins is responsible for so many people’s wheat sensitivities.

Allergies to modern wheat has become a wide-spread epidemic to the point where most everyone is allergic or sensitive to wheat in some form.

It’ so common that it has become “normal” to have allergies.

Well, it’s not normal to have allergies, nor is it without serious long-term health consequences… and to make it even more treacherous, everyone has a different reaction to wheat sensitivity.

Is that a scary thought or what?

Look, I won’t leave you high and dry on this topic.

Look out for the easiest ways to eliminate wheat from your eating plan and the easy and delicious substitutions you have to choose from.

Until then, make sure to get your Free copy of “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure.” It is a wonderful book to have on your bookshelf and I use it almost every week as one of my favorite reference books.

Click-Here for a FREE copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure <— Have it mailed to your home!

Your personal copy of “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure” can be rushed to your home by clicking through the link above.

I hope you get your free copy (with S&H) so you can begin learning how to reduce your whole body inflammation and get on a firm path to health.

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Now it’s your turn to talk back:

Tell me about your food allergies?

Have you ever been told you are allergic to wheat?

What are you eating instead of wheat?

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