Breast Cancer Risk: Before you go the Angelina Jolie Route, Check Out Other Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


“Don’t let worrying about tomorrow rob you of today.” ~Unknown Author

As a woman the thought of developing breast cancer, or any kind of cancer is scary indeed.

However the thought of removing healthy tissue because of a high probability of developing cancer seems even more scary… Remember, Angelina Jolie did not have breast cancer. Jolie’s double mastectomy was a radical route of cancer prevention—and I want to tell you about other ways of preventing cancer you can start using today…

Let me be clear. I respect Jolie’s personal decision to take this radical route of cutting off her breasts because of her genes..

However, what is concerning is that many women will be influenced by Jolie to take this drastic route to “prevent” cancer. Again, Jolie did not have breast cancer. She has a genetic likelihood of developing cancer. And, many experts outside the cancer field tell us that genes do not control us. Instead, we CAN control them and the expression of the genes we have during our life time.

This is encouraging news. We do not have to be victims of our genetics.

We can control the expression of genetics through our own lifestyle and food choices every day.

Yet, doctors can scare us out of thoughtfulness and thinking clearly about health. Look, I have experienced first hand how doctors can scare you in to making rash decisions. Which is what I think Angelina Jolie made.

In fact, recently during a routine woman wellness exam my brand new doctor who has never seen me before brought my attention to something in one of my breasts.

What I knew and she did not is that I have had benign cystic breast tissue all of my adult life and that this was not new to me.

BTW, everything is fine, and I did not panic and make any decisions I regretted because of my understanding of health from the experts I trust and follow.

Doctors tend to scare patients (inadvertently) by their attitude of focusing on illness, not wellness.

It’s actually not their fault. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical training which focuses on disease, drugs, surgery, etc. So, with all this time and money spent it’s not likely tons of them are going to easily change their thinking from disease to wellness. Now, please, don’t get me wrong. Doctors are fantastic in case of an emergency, but regarding helping patience understand health and wellness, sadly they fall short. Accept for a hand full of doctors like the one I talk about below.

Want to learn how to stay healthy to prevent disease?

I have spent the last couple of years studying wellness with the experts I interview. They offer hope and health strategies I can follow and use to optimize my health so that no disease is welcome in my body.

I want the same for you. Things like proper supplements, whole food nutrition, healthy exercise, safe diagnostic procedures that don’t involve radiation, and staying informed about the science behind good health and longevity.

I listen to experts like Dr. Carolyn Dean who teaches people how to take control of their health and create a biochemical environment in the body which prevents disease, regardless of genes.

Dr. Carolyn Dean teaches that genes, even cancer genes do not express themselves if the body stays healthy. This has been scientifically proven. Yet, most medical doctors do not believe this because this is not taught in medical school. In medical school the patient is viewed as the victim of illness, genetics, age, etc.. We are not victims. I for one will not accept this untruth.

Ever heard of a cancer-causing lifestyle, and a cancer-prevention lifestyle? It’s called the “Future  Health Now” taught by my own Doctor, Carolyn Dean.

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