Dump the gluten and eat more fat (part five)

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Certain healthy fat like almonds and butter do your body good and prevents heart disease.



“Fat makes us fat…doesn’t it”?!


If you are like most people, you deeply believe that fat is the enemy…


I don’t blame you since for years we have been warned against eating fat.


I mean… We all heard the strong message that fat is to be eradicated from the body and from our meals!


…and so you are likely saying:


“No way”…


Are you crazy?!”


No I don’t think I am crazy, and YES, I’m telling you to eat fat, but, eat only the “right” kind of fat, and dump all the junky gluten found in most processed food made by the “big” food giants.


The true cause of heart disease and other ills


Over the last several weeks I have showed you the main reasons for heart disease and other modern ills.


According to former cardiologist, Dr. Lundell, mainstream medicine has made “a terrible mistake”…


As you know, the mainstream message for years has been to avoid saturated fats in favor of grain based foods containing vegetable oils.


Now science has shown that this flawed and dangerous recommendation is a direct contributor to the epidemic of inflammation that is plaguing the Western world in the form of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other modern ailments.


Plus, when we look at the vibrant health that certain traditional cultures have, these cultures trace their vibrant health back to lots of healthy fat from animal products and eating properly prepared gluten-free grains.


Dr. Lundell advises to ditch manufactured vegetable oils and other processed foods…


Instead, let’s return to the whole, unprocessed diet of our ancestors.


What fats to eat


As for the ideal fats in the diet, Dr. Lundell recommends olive oil and grassfed butter.  He says the science that saturated fat causes heart disease is non-existent and the science that saturated fat raises blood cholesterol as very weak.


I’m a perfect example of how processed food hurt my health.


I got better when I stopped eating gluten and processed food and learned which healthy fats to eat.


I know this kind of lifestyle works and its’ why Roz and I put together

The 14-day gluten-free guide


If you have any questions about how to dump the gluten or which fats to be having everyday, then just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to help.


Download your FREE personal Seven-Part Guide.

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