Butter: The new healthfood? (part six)

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Research tells us more healthy butter = healthy heart and a healthy slim body

I usually talk a lot about dumping the gluten and other processed junk…


…and of course I’m still in that groove… absolutely!


However, one way to help you to get the processed junk cravings out of your life is to substitute with super healthy food like grassfed butter.




The short answer is that when the body has the right nutrients, cravings for junk stop…


…and butter (I use Kerrygold) is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.


“But I don’t want to get fat, plus, I thought eating butter would kill me!?”


How butter is our friend


If you are afraid of fat like butter then you may have missed several of my latest articles where I talk about how the saturated fat (butter) message has been debunked…


…and debunked by cardiologists like Dr. Lundell, and others…


Heck, even the Dr. Oz show has been debunking this long-held nutritional mess.


Please, go back and read how the lack of the RIGHT kind of healthy fat is making us sick.


You need to read how processed grains and man-made trans fats are the true cause of heart disease and other ills.


How One Innocent Donut Causes Deadly Inflammation


The new nutritional messages you will get from me focuses on common sense, and the tried and true nutritional wisdom of our grandmothers.


Did our ancestors have it right?


Think about how people lived and ate 100 years ago.


(no I don’t want to go back to the buggy or the outhouse)…


Back then, the processed food industry was barely getting started so most people prepared food at home.


Yes, they found the time to prepare meals at home despite their hectic labor intensive lives back then.


And people used healthy fats like butter.


According to accounts I have read, wide spread heart disease did not begin happening until after 1921 when the vegetable oil called Crisco came on the scene.


Crisco is a manmade vegetable oil (sounds healthy but it is not).


Anyway, I really love helping to sort out the nutritional nonsense we get lately.


That’s exactly why Roz and I put together our easy-to-use

The 14-day gluten-free guide.


We go into exactly why the processed food industry is not to be trusted.


We show convincingly how agribusiness has taken wheat and created a monstrous grain our ancestors would never recognize.


And we give you delicious food options including desserts people line up for!


The bottom line is to dump the junk, this includes wheat.


Then, get back to traditional foods like grassfed butter.


In fact, next time I’ll share a yummy chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe that uses healthy butter as its basic ingredient…


Download your FREE personal Seven-Part Guide.

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