Three good-for-you “junk” foods you should eat


Use real potatoes and fry them in healthy, delicious coconut oil to make wonderful homemade healthy French fries!

Wow, this summer is flying by…

BTW, here on the west coast we are getting strange, over-the-top humid east-coast-like weather… Personally, I love these warm evenings for walking or socializing.

Anyway, I’ve been lucky to begin getting media interviews for our new book The 14-day Gluten-free Guide

(I’ll share the interview coming up soon in mid-August)


What’s fascinating is that the interviewer often wants to know the “bottom line take-home message” from the book. 

And I love this question because it’s easy…


My take-home message from the 14-day Gluten-free guide is “Dump the junk”!

Yep, that’s it. I could spend much more time elaborating…

… But all that important elaboration is in the book.

All you need to know right now is to dump the highly processed packaged junk which usually comes in a bag or a box which usually has “health” claims all over it…

… Oh, and ingredient lists (with unpronounceable chemicals) that stretch all the way to Texas!

Forget about it… Who needs that garbage?


Dump the junk and we can all go home and live happily ever after!

However, in the beginning of a new healthy eating plan most people are naturally concerned about what to eat…

“If I can’t eat pasta, bread, muffins, cake, cookies, crackers, macaroni and cheese, there is nothing left good to eat now that all my favorite foods are off the table, what else can I eat”???

So, just for you, I recently put together a list of healthy gluten-free “junk” (using the word JUNK loosely of course) foods I know are good for all of us and that my husband and I eat as well! This is perfect for anyone that’s ever thought, “All the good foods are on the banned list”!

Trust me, the nutrition suggestions below are far from “junky”!


Good-for-you healthy junk food you could and should eat!

  1. Dark Chocolate

Ready for great news? Chocolate is no longer thought of as “junky”. According to,

an ounce of organic dark chocolate (70-85% cacao) three times per week helps you avoid overeating. It’s also PACKED with nutrients, delivering healthy fats and significant amounts of magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium.


  1. Grass-fed hot dogs:

Some hot dogs are a good choice, especially uncured grass-fed variety:

Rodale’s Organic Life magazine just released a list of the 9 best hot dogs and said, “Grass-fed, organic dogs are higher in omega-3s and vitamins, and untainted by the genetically modified animal feed, hormones, or antibiotics in unhealthy factory-farmed fare.”

Number one on their list? Applegate’s uncured beef hot dog.


  1. Healthy fried foods in coconut oil

What? Fried foods? “Healthy?” Yes, this can be done. You can enjoy some of your favorite restaurant fried foods (like fresh cut French fries) at home if you stick to a LOW-temperature and use coconut oil instead of vegetable oils which are not healthy.

Even better, make an amazing good-for-you fried food gluten-free dessert using plantains in coconut oil with melted 80% dark chocolate for dipping! The calories are low but the taste is through the ROOF!

For more smart gluten-free nutrition ideas, check out

The 14-day Gluten-free Guide:

The  14 Day Gluten Free Guide

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