The Bright Line Eating Program could be your solution to your food addiction

Dump the junk and use The Bright Line Eating Program which helps thousands lose weight and keep it off.

Dump the junk and use The Bright Line Eating Program which helps thousands lose weight and keep it off.

I brought this up last time…

All about The Bright Line Eating Program

Frankly, at first I thought that Bright Line Eating was just like other support eating programs out there.

But After several weeks of amercing myself into Dr. Susan’s Bright Line Eating Program

I will tell you that I was utterly blown away!

I know truth and authenticity when I see it. So that’s why I know that this solution really is the supplemental support you need if you struggle with strong, uncontrollable food addiction Or if you find that you cannot stop eating highly processed food even though you know it’s hurting your health and making you fat…

Especially white flour, excess sugar and of course, wheat.

(remember, virtually all packaged processed food has the above ingredients, plus MSG and other man-made ingredients that hurt your health)

Look, I love helping you navigate the confusing nutrition landscape out there and this kind of specific support may be how you can finally feel like a normal person around food.

Now look, let me be crystal clear…

I have *not* changed my conviction about avoiding gluten. Not one bit.

I still firmly believe that “dumping the junk” and going gluten free is the path to health.

Dr. Susan agrees gluten-free is the path to health and normalizing your weight.

However, now I see that millions of people simply cannot “dump the junk” on their own.

They are successful in many other areas of their lives, but when it comes to food, they feel like prisoners.

They feel controlled by food.

Worse, they have tried to stop addictive eating behaviorsyear in and year out with NO lasting results.

Is this you?

Listen, if you know you need help then Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s Bright Line Eating Program can help you get free!

Is Bright Line Eating for you?

You’ll want to listen to my brief audio with Susan below if you struggle with any of these issues:

  • How let down do you feel when you have promised yourself over and over, year in and year out to stick to a good eating plan and you simply cannot do it?
  • Would you be mortified if others knew how you binge with food and what you eat behindclosed doors?
  • You know that broccoli is healthier than that doughnut…but you can’t stop!
  • Have you ever called yourself weak-willed and felt defeated about yourself around food?
  • Find out what simple thing you can do to finally lose weight and actually improve your whole life as well…
  • Plus, in this audio I reveal for the first time my own embarrassing personal food struggles I had back when I was only 11 years old.

Click right here to hear my conversation with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson.

Click here to take the susceptibility quiz

P.S. In January Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson will open up her Bright Line Eating boot Camp.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to hear her comments regarding the severe issues around food addiction!

Click here to take the susceptibility quiz

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