Bright Line Eating ends the endless Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution Loop

Food-Freedom-QuizDid you know that 2 out of 3 people are overweight or obese?

Yes, you read that right…

2 out of 3 people in America, or, put another way 70% are overweight or obese.

Why well-intentioned weight loss New Year’s resolutions don’t work

You likely know all too well the typical New Year’s scenario:

  1. For many of us, at the start of every year the #1 New Year’s resolution is to lose weight.
  1. Sure some people lose weight, but sadly, they gain it right back.
  1. That is why the same people resolve to lose weight at the start of each new year – over and over again!

How to end your weight struggle forever

Your answer is right here.

My good friend professor Susan Peirce Thompson P.H.D. is a brain scientist who has found the solution to our struggle with weight.

The key is found in brain science.

Take this simple quiz to find out how your brain keeps you fat!

Look, she knows about this struggle professionally since she lectures and teaches about the psychology of eating.

But she deeply knows about eating problems personally since she herself struggled with severe food addiction and obesity for 16 years.

Susan’s solution is called

Bright Line Eating.

The Bright Line Eating Program

As a nutrition educator I think theBright Line Eating Program is the answer for the 70% who are addicted to food.

  • We all know intellectually what to eat.
  • Every single one of us knows that a bowl of broccoli is better than a doughnut, right?
  • But,2/3 of us are simply so susceptible to refined foods that they really need a special program with specific Bright Lines they can use to finally get what Susan calls happy, thing and free!


Now look, let me be crystal clear…

I have *not* changed my conviction about avoiding gluten. Not one bit.

I still firmly believe that “dumping the junk” and going gluten free (Susan agrees) is the path to health and normalizing your weight.

However, now I see that millions of people simply cannot “dump the junk” on their own.

They are successful in many other areas of their lives, but when it comes to food, they feel like prisoners.

Sound familiar?

Look, I love helping you navigate the confusing nutrition landscape out there and

the Bright Line Eating Program is likely right for you!
Now it’s your turn. What foods are you addicted to? Foods you simply cannot stop eating…

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