Bright Line Eating: How A Brain Scientist’s Findings Can Help You Get Free of Food Addiction

It’s not your fault you cannot stop eating the wrong foods. It could be the way your brain is wired. You can change that and finally lose weight!

It’s not your fault you cannot stop eating the wrong foods. It could be the way your brain is wired. You can change that and finally lose weight!

Are you highly susceptible to the addictive properties of food?

Is your brain wired to be susceptible to monstrous food cravings?

EG.You cannot stop eating or pass up:

  • Airport cinnabon’s (the fragrance alone is the most magnetically dangerous substance in the world),
  • Theater popcorn (a close second),
  • The corner bakery (third in line),
  • Cookies (which ones are your favorite)?,
  • Crackers (any kind),
  • Chips (even the healthy ones),
  • Bread (especially from the restaurant bread basket),
  • Pizza,
  • Muffins,
  • Babel’s,
  • Any kind of cake or pastry,
  • Chocolate or any kind of candy (my favorite used to be jelly bellies),
  • Etc. !

My stand

Oh, rest assured I still *firmly* believe that eating gluten-free  is a proven path to good health and even to normalizing your weight.

However, there is another important factor that I have not emphasized enough.

And this important factor solidified for me when I became engrossed in the powerful, true-life story of a woman named Professor Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D.

Dr. Susan speaks so utterly openly and honestly about her food addiction.

She binged on any junk that had sugar or flour—her go-to binge food was raw cookie dough.

Susan Peirce Thompson is not alone in her massive struggle to free herself from junk food.

Yes, the junk I talk to you about relentlessly.

White flour, wheat, and sugar!

Some of you have good intentions to eat healthfully, but in the heat of the moment – the refined junky carbs call your name!


Sound familiar?

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has identified through her brain research that millions of people (about 2/3) are highly addicted to sugar, flour and wheat.

Addicted the exact same way as a drug addict.

The Bright Line Eating Program has helped thousands of people get free of food and finablly be able to finally be happy, thing and free !

Snacky foods like these are like drugs to some

  1. Cookies,
  1. Crackers,
  1. Chips,
  1. Pretzels,
  1. Pizza,
  1. Bagels,
  1. Muffins (even so-called healthy ones)
  1. Candy,
  1. Ice-cream,

Why we cannot stop eating

Look, millions of people already know how dangerous junk gluten foods are.

Yet, for a segment of the population, it is impossible to stop!

Click here now and take the Bright Line Quiz!


Dump the junk is what you need to do, but it’s not so easy for so many people.

Bright Line Eating

Could be your answer to your food addiction.

Dr. Susan has freed herself from the addiction to food.

She has been free for over 10 years and is now sharing her very successful

Bright Line Eating Program

She has shown me that for millions of people (maybe even you) avoidinghealth problems is *NOT* motivating.


Look, what I now really see is that for millions of people understanding the health consequences(no matter how serious) of gluten, cakes and cookies and other junk is not enough.

For some people health scares work.

It worked for me…

But, for millions, their susceptibility to food is too overwhelming and literally imprisoning.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable through proper diet

Yes, preventable, but some people would rather die than give up their oreos!

Listen to this sad but typical scenario for someone who has type 2 diabetes:

The doc tells them “hey, look, if you continue eating junky white flour and sugar you will lose a limb”.

They know they are headed for an amputation, but they.Cannot.Stop!

This happens every day!

My goodness…Who trades a limb for a cookie!?

Well, that is exactly the point.

Millions of smart.Savvy.Successful.Tons of wonderful people are virtually stuck in food addicted lives and they have no way out.

They feel powerless and helpless.

Until now.

Click here now to take the Bright Line Quiz!



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2 comments on “Bright Line Eating: How A Brain Scientist’s Findings Can Help You Get Free of Food Addiction

  1. Jana on said:

    Wow, there is no question that I am wired to eat too much. I simply cannot stop eating. Even if it’s healthy food. Maybe Bright Line Eating will help me?

    • By Kathy on said:

      Hello Jana… So many of my readers knows what the “right” kind of food is. You do too I’m sure. We all know a mammoth cupcake or muffin for breakfast shoveled down as we drive to work every day is not helping our health, or how we look and feel, right? I do think Bright Line Eating can help those who simply need a supportive community, and strict guidelines to support their intentions to eat well. Find out how susceptible you are when you take this important free quiz produced by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, a brain scientist.

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