Discover If Your Brain Is “Wired” For Food Addiction


Food-Freedom-QuizAnywhere I go the #1 topic is usually food.

That does not surprise me.

We all love food, right?

Here’s what does shock me:

  1. As a nutrition educator I read and study about nutrition every day and I’m surprised how most people are quite nutritionally sophisticated.
  1. We really know more about diet and health than any population in the history of the world.
  1. Yet, most of us are overweight or obese.

We know the right food to eat, but we don’t do it!


Where is the disconnect?

  • According to the latest research, it turns out that many of us are literally addicted to food.
  • Are you?

What is the right food to eat?

I talk about proper nutrition right here all the time, so I know that you know

What to eat and what to avoid.

  • I tell you all the time to stop eating refined gluten-based products.
  • And stop eating packaged junk etc…
  • But, some people simply cannot stop eating the processed junk on their own.

So look, it’s not your fault.

Your solution is the Bright Line Eating Program

If you want to stop struggling with your weight you need to meet my friend and colleague,

Professor Susan Peirce Thompson Ph.D.

She has developed a free quiz to help you find out how susceptible you are to food addiction.

Click here to take the free quiz right now.

After the quiz, Susan will give you your score, and a customized Food Freedom video to help you understand what it means for your life.

Click right here to take it now.

Hint: How you respond to sweet, snacky foods is deeply linked to your level of susceptibility. Dr. Thompson has helped thousands of people step into food freedom. I want that for you!

Take her free quiz and see how you score!


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2 comments on “Discover If Your Brain Is “Wired” For Food Addiction

  1. Heather on said:

    Hi Kathy. My cravings get out of control. I try to stop eating the wrong food. I will try the Bright Line Eating program to see if it will help me. Thanks.

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