If you know it’s bad, why can’t you stop?

young-woman-saying-no-to-junk-foodWhat bad thing am I talking about?

I’m talking about the health-destroying results of eating highly processed junk.


I have a solution to help you stop this: so read on!

Look, most of us realize how unhealthy highly processed junk food is, right?

But, have you noticed how hard it is to stop?

Well, it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault because whether you know it or not, you are literally hooked on highly processed products that only look and taste like real food.


You are addicted to food, but you may not know it!

Food addiction is not too strong of a descriptive word, or out of line.


Here’s how the food giants hooked us:

Look, the food giants ruthlessly design and formulate their products so that you become addicted and what they call, “life-long users.”

The so-called food most people eat is so utterly fake that if the food industry didn’t dress their food-like chemicals up with tons of addictive sugar, horrible unhealthy fats, and tons of super bad processed salt, you would be disgusted by how it tastes.

This is why the processed food industry remains a trillion dollar industry because they know how to fool the public.

Did you know that the food giants spend millions in research and development to keep you hooked?

They do such a good job at their food science that believe me, it is no accident that you can’t “eat just one”!


21st-century science and your brain!

Thanks to 21st century MRI technology, the food giants and their scientists know exactly how your brain lights up when you eat a particular cookie, potato chip, ice-cream, soda, etc.

If you were to read accounts of the ruthless lengths food giants go to so that you will be hooked, you would likely rethink your relationship with the so-called food you and your family eat every day.


Okay, so who do we fight to change this?

(Look, I’m not concerned with breaking down or fighting big money-making industries…no way!

Instead, let’s get educated so you and others know what you are really eating, then you can go ahead and make your own choice.

We can do this 1 fork at a time, 1 healthy kitchen at a time!


What are the two choices?

It all comes down to choices:

  1. Slowly kill yourself by continuing to eat the standard American diet filled with junky, fake, highly processed food,


  1. Choose to prepare and eat whole food your great grandmother would recognize.

But sadly people still want cheap convenient food and they still trust that super markets wouldn’t sell dangerous fake food, right?

They never see they have a choice to make.


Look at the all-too-common disease, diabetes!

It’s shocking when you think about the folks who have a serious health problem like diabetes – a disease purely caused by eating highly processed junk.

Look, if you are reading this and you are a type 2 diabetic and your doctor isn’t suggesting a healthy, gluten-free diet with whole foods your great grandmother would recognize, then perhaps you should consider finding a doctor who will help you do that.

The truth is that the typical type 2 diabetic knows the amputation is coming, but they still eat the cookies, muffins, breakfast cereal, potato chips, soda, candy, frozen dinners, etc.

Can you imagine? Who trades a limb for a cookie?!

Well, someone so addicted that they cannot say no, or, someone who doesn’t know how to get unhooked!

So you see, it’s not your fault.


What to do next:

You need help and I hope you are ready to let me help and guide you out of the clutches of the food giant’s grip.

What no one will tell you is that in order to get healthy and “dump the junk” you have to stop eating the junk…cold turkey!

No cheating…

Cold turkey with no gluten, no processed junk.

There are those who don’t’ care.

They will never want to give up their quick frozen dinners, their boxed breakfast cereals, their commercially made desserts, etc.

However, some decide to take control of their health and that of their children.

I hope that is you.

If you are ready to unhook yourself, then take the first step and download my book for free.

Click here to download my 14-day Gluten-free Guide, no cost.

I decided to offer my Kindle book as my gift to those who really want to stop the health destroying effect of the typical American diet.

Are you ready to get unhooked?

Again, some people don’t give a rip about protecting their health. This is not for you! But if you are different, then please go ahead and click right here to download my free Kindle book, The 14-day Gluten-free Guide!


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2 comments on “If you know it’s bad, why can’t you stop?

  1. Sarah on said:

    Okay we will download your book and get off the junk. My mother is now a diabetic, and my sister is pre-diabetic. I have terrible allergies and bad digestion as well as being overweight. Thank you for helping.

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