Who told you I was a tater hater?

Baked-PotatoesToday I want to clear up a common and even detrimental confusion around the concept of eating gluten-free.

And listen up because it’s really good news for you if you are one of those who do hold this common misunderstanding.


The biggest gluten-free misunderstanding

Frankly, I used to hold this misunderstanding too.

Now I’m over it!

Look, when I suggest going gluten-free, you do not have to give up yummy, starchy, healthy whole-food unprocessed carbohydrate foods like:

  • Potatoes sweet potatoes, yams etc.,
  • Fruit,
  • Oatmeal,
  • Rice and other grains like quinoa,
  • And even certain kinds of bread like sour dough.



Can I get a whoo whoo!

This news is cause for celebration!


Low metabolism comes from low-carb eating

Now I realize that restrictive diets (including chronic low-calorie dieting) causes a slow metabolism characterized by low body temperature.

I found out that all kinds of degenerative diseases can be linked to a low body temp and thus, a low metabolism.


One easy way to increase metabolism

Eat unprocessed whole carbohydrates like in the list above!

When you do you will, over time, increase metabolism.


How is basal body temp tied to metabolism?

Matt Stone tells us that a normal body temp a healthy high metabolism.

He has found that a significant number of folks are struggling with health issues (thyroid, diabetes, constipation, weight, reflux and heart burn)… because their basal body temp is way below 98.6.

And a higher metabolic rate improves digestion, and other health issues.

Eat more carbs, raise body temp, then metabolism improves and so do your health complaints!

No need to deprive yourself of metabolic revving super healthy carbohydrates!

The list above is actually a short list of the wonderful foods we need to eat to be healthy, satisfied, and to thrive!


So, who told you I was a tater hater?

Who told you that gluten-free means low-carb?

Let me be super clear:

I think it is a radical mistake to eliminate healthy starchy carbohydrates from your diet.

Especially the wonderful POTATO!

I’ve learned the hard way about carbs and metabolism.

Eat your healthy, whole food one ingredient carbs!

Not packaged, highly processed carbs from a big food manufacture.

Take a deep breath and relax and enjoy life!


No deprivation here

My 14-day gluten-free guide focuses mostly on dumping the typical “junk” food labeled “healthy”

What has hurt our health is the standard American diet SAD!

Also known as highly processed packaged food that comes from a food manufacture.

Packages that have ingredient lists straight from a chemistry lab. (in fact, that Is exactly where it came from)

Want to find out how to really feel confident about what you are eating?

Click right here to see if you are eating right to be healthy.

Share this important info with someone you know who really wants to eat healthy!

Now, it’s all up to you… Make it happen!

P.S. – Gluten-free does not mean eating low-carb! Go ahead, have plenty of yummy starchy foods like potatoes. Healthy carbs I list above actually rev up your metabolism!

P.S. – Want to see what foods you do need to dump out of your life?

Click right here to see how you measure up!



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2 comments on “Who told you I was a tater hater?

  1. Deb on said:

    Kathy, I really appreciate this information. I have been on a restricted diet most of my life. I eat a healthy diet, but worry about everything I eat. Like, is this dinner okay. Am I eating too much. Am I eating enough healthy food. This information seems like something that will help me.

    • By Kathy on said:

      Deb, yes, this has been the trap I’ve fallen into as well. Worrying about healthy eating is as extreme as eating nothing but junk. Let me know how you do. I recommend you read the info at Mat’s site. I’ve learned so much from him.

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