The Bright Line Eating Program: This May Be Your Only WAY Out!

vegandburger2dListen, food addiction is real.

I deeply know this because until my mid-twenties, I had serious problems around eating. I was highly susceptible to food, especially sweets like cookies, candy, and even food like chips and bread. I was very depressed and out of control around food.

What about you… Think you are addicted to food?

Or, know someone who is?

If you want to jump ahead and see how susceptible you are to food, then

Click right here to take Dr. Susan Peirce Thompsons no-cost Food Freedom Quiz.

Look, today I’m here to share that the WAY out of food addiction is The Bright Line Eating Program…

… Don’t know what that is?

What in the world is the Bright Line Eating Program?

I’m glad to tell you about it. And if you have heard of it before, then you’ll be interested to hear more.

Look, as a neuro scientist and food addict herself, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is uniquely qualified to talk about food addiction and to help you break free from food addiction like she has for thousands of her Boot Camp participants.

Right now you need to know that Bright Line Eating is a scientifically proven program based on specific guide lines that both set you free from food addiction while protecting you from the call of certain foods that literally can take you over.

You know what I’m talking about:

Foods that you cannot say no to…

The cookies, ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, that will “call” your name and you feel unable to resist!

In fact, that is the first step of The Bright Line Eating Program. You need to see how susceptible you are to the addictive qualities of food because susceptibility to food can range. It’s on a continuum.

This is why Dr. Susan has developed a special, simple 5-question Quiz to help you determine where you score on the susceptibility continuum.

Click right here to take it.

After you answer the 5 questions, then you’ll get a customized video that corresponds with your quiz score and what it means for your life going forward.

Who is this quiz for?

It’s actually good for anyone to take whether you have food issues or not. But, here is a short list to get you thinking:

  • If you think or worry excessively about food.
  • You promise yourself to be “good” around food. Then you kick yourself when you cannot resist.
  • Have food binges.
  • If you over exercise to compensate for what you eat.
  • Have severe cravings for sweets or savory snack foods.

The Quiz will only be available for a couple of days so go take it now while it’s top of mind.

Click right here to take it.

Now it’s all up to you… You can make it happen!


P.S. Hint: How you respond to sweet or savory snack kinds of foods are deeply linked to your level of susceptibility to food addiction. Dr. Susan has helped thousands of people step into food freedom. I want that for you!

Click right here to take the no-cost Food Freedom Quiz and see how you score!



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