This Common Nutrition Source Could Be Why You Feel Guilt Around Food!

susanplusbanner1dIf you have a problem with food, what you need is understanding and support, not guilt!

Let me explain.

The big problem with nutritionists

A couple of days ago, at a friend’s house, she had the news on, and a nutrition segment came up.

Picture some over-enthusiastic (thin all of her life) woman with a fancy nutritionist title preaching to us about “the right food choices”.

She sweetly chirps, “okay, boys and girls, which is healthier: the doughnut or the broccoli”?

(Okay, I admit that actually she didn’t use the phrase, “boys and girls,” but the sound of condescension in her voice was loud and clear, trust me)!

Nutritionist and or health professionals know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about losing weight!

The truth is that these kinds of nutrition messages are a bloody waste of our time. Even worse, these childish messages are a terrible cause of unneeded food guilt

Look, everyone knows that it’s better to choose the broccoli over the doughnut, right?

For people like the nutritionist they don’t understand the monstrous pull food has on millions of people. That’s why this reasonable logical broccoli/doughnut message is so laughable.

It’s about your susceptibility to certain food

 Here’s the deal: The problem is not making the “right” choice. It’s about how susceptible you are to the pull and addictive qualities of highly processed junk like the doughnut, ice cream, potato chips, etc.

Think you have a problem saying no to sugary foods?

Click right here to take the simple 5-question Food Freedom quiz.

The Food Freedom Quiz is of course no cost to you. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson created the quiz to help people gauge how susceptible they are to food. Especially the ones with flour and sugar like the doughnut.

Personal story

Look this is personal to me. One of my sisters suffers from this kind of food addiction. And way back about 30 years ago, I did too!

In the morning my sister makes all kinds of promises around food.

Then, sadly, many times she goes to bed that evening feeling horrible about herself because in her mind she has failed to keep her promise.

The promise to pass up the doughnut, the cookie, the candy bar, the whatever…

Crazy, over-the-top food binges!

You see, my sister’s susceptibility to food is serious, and she scores very high on the Food Freedom Quiz.

For her, it is usually not just one cookie, doughnut, candy bar, bowl of ice cream, etc.…

Instead, sadly, she will be driven to eat the entire package, the entire carton, etc.

This thing that drives her to binge is the way her brain reacts to food. Much more about this next week…

But for now, if this is you, please understand, you are not weak willed, or a bad person.

This is called a food addiction.

What if I were to tell you that you are not alone in your food addiction? That for millions of people the susceptibility to modern food, especially highly processed junk is utterly off the charts?

This is why permanent, sustainable weight loss is so rare.

Food addicts feel out of control with food.

They think about food all the time.

Or, they have vicious monstrous binges that people who are less susceptible to food can ever understand. Or relate to.

The Bright Line Eating Program

My friend, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson knows firsthand about food addiction.

She has had to battle against the pull of food addiction since she was a small girl.

What has saved her life is an eating system she calls, The Bright Line Eating Program. Now, she wants to help you get free of food too.

Click here now and take her simple Food Freedom Quiz.

After the Quiz, you’ll get a customized video geared towards your specific quiz score, then you’ll be shown what this means for your life and how to move forward to food freedom!

Right now, please go take the Food Freedom Quiz.

Click right here to take it.

It’s up for a short time so do it now while it’s top of mind!

Now it’s all up to you… You can make it happen!


P.S. — Dr. Susan is the real deal. The Bright Line Eating program has generated the most interest and feedback I’ve ever had regarding any recommended expert or service. Bright Line Eating simply changes lives! Dr. Susan also teaches that food addiction isn’t just about junk food like doughnuts. Try resisting a big healthy, vegan walnut date loaf, and watch out for the bag of gluten-free crisps too! Sound like you?

Click right here to take the Quiz and see how you score.


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