You Can Count On This For Sure!

Peace and Stress-free Living Happens With The Miracle of Magnesium.

Look, this has been a crazy, stressful year for everyone!

If you feel extremely let down and stressed out, you can count on this for sure!

You can count on the fact that the best time of year is about to start!

It all starts this Thursday with Thanksgiving.

I know you want to enjoy and receive everything good that this time of year offers. But if you are stressed, you won’t be open to holiday joy.

So, let me help you get rid of stress, and ready to celebrate the rest of 2016!

What do you think? Let’s take responsibility for our own well-being, regardless of what is going on out there, and find ways to relieve stress. We cannot enjoy the good things like the holidays if we are stressed out.

You can do it. Below are scientifically proven strategies to perk you up and banish stress.

Radical self-care:  The very first thing is for you to take care of yourself first. That is not selfish, remember the in-flight protocol? Pull the oxygen mask down, and then help others?

We are no good to others and we can’t enjoy our own lives if we are worn-down, sleep-deprived, mal-nourished, and stressed out, right?!


Use my proven radical self-care strategies below, #3 is my fav because it works almost immediately!

  1. Scratch meals: Dump processed JUNK. Make your homemade favorite healthy comfort foods like soups, stews, etc. Thanksgiving left-overs are perfect for this. Include a few more veggies which help to neutralize stress.
  1. Sleep, sleep, sleep: Getting some shuteye is the only time the body can fully renew and repair.
  1. Magnesium Miracle: Most everyone is magnesium deficient. The most common symptoms include anxiety, tight muscles, irritability, depression, and insomnia. Every function and cell of the body needs magnesium. A quick way to deliver magnesium to every cell in the body is through the skin. I use my magnesium oil spray every single day, sometimes more than once. The link below will take you to a spray on magnesium that works immediately to calm nerves and muscles.     Click right here to try yours!
  1. Disconnect: Take a break from your mobile devices. From social media, from your phone, from any media source that brings you down or stirs up unpleasant emotions. Just stop it! The world won’t fall apart, but you might! The nerves can only take so much negative input.

Bonus suggestion:  Let’s make Thanksgiving a politics-free zone. What do you think? No talk about any of it for an hour or two. Let’s focus on one another and how thankful we are. There’s always something to be thankful for, right?

I hope this helps. I’m practicing these things myself and I’m finding great comfort. I hope you do too…


P.S. – Emotions and thoughts (either positive or negative) really do impact the physical body. Frankly, negativity can be addictive. News organizations know this, right? “If it bleeds, it leads”. So, let’s cut away from the negativity. You can do it! Stress in the body needs special considerations and certain supplements are proven to work. Use the link below and try out my favorite stress reliever, magnesium oil.

Click right here and see how it works!

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