New Study Shows Dark Chocolate Calms Cough?

This sure caught my attention… dark chocolate can calm a chronic cough?!

Put down your tea and honey and listen to this…

The Daily Mail has been highlighting several new studies that show that dark chocolate calms persistent, chronic coughs.

Coughing can actually fracture ribs

You know the kind of cough I’m talking about…

The bad ones that keep you and everyone else up at night, right?

You can’t stop coughing, and it feels like you are coughing up a lung.

What is the cure to a bad cough?

Well, try eating about 2 ounces of good dark chocolate before bed.

Studies now show that dark chocolate containing 85% or more of cacao contains “theobromine” which can calm a cough similar to codeine, but without the terrible side effects like drowsiness.

Hey, another good excuse to always have dark chocolate around!

I have it every day. Remember, you need 2 ounces or so to see results.

Here’s how dark chocolate works to calm your cough

In The Daily Mail, Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull wrote, “Chocolate can calm coughs,”

He says, “I know that might sound like something out of Mary Poppins, but as an independent clinician who has spent years researching the mechanism of cough, I can assure you the evidence is actually as solid as a bar of Fruit and Nuts.”

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P.S. – Bad cough keeping you up at night? I’ve been there. It’s miserable. Now new studies show that dark chocolate calms that cough because the special compound called theobromine found in dark chocolate coats and soothes the nerves that make you cough. Theobromine in dark chocolate actually works better than standard cough syrup. Now you have a good excuse to eat dark chocolate like I do every single day.

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