Food Freedom Quiz: + A Very Personal and Humiliating story

vegbrain1dWhat lengths do you go to get your food fix?

Way back in 6th grade I was so hooked on junk food that I would actually steal it from other students.

Yep. Steal food when everyone was at recess, right out of their lunch bags!

What! A totally blind foodthief?!

Yeah, I know.

As a totally blind person, I really get it. This was massively crazy on so many levels…

Can you imagine?

That’s how addicted to food I was.

My behavior was, and still is very humiliating, and of course I knew it was wrong, but I want to share this embarrassing story if it helps even just one person who is struggling with food addiction.

If you easily binge after having food like a cookie, chip, ice cream or any other junk food, you could be highly susceptible to food.

Take The Food Freedom Quiz right here and see how food crazy you are.

Food addiction is real

Do you understand this crazy addictive behavior to get a “fix”?

Know anyone like this?

Think back, do you remember your favorite food from childhood?

I didn’t know it at the time, but mine was both white flour and sugar.

For many people, white flour and sugar is like a drug

The Food Freedom Quiz shows you how addicted you are to white flour and sugar.

Of course I know now that this is not even food, for some, it is a drug.

It pulled me from a craving into horrible, bad behavior that I’m embarrassed to admit.

Sure I got my little high, but then I dropped into utter self-hatred, and depression. And yes people suspected that I was the one stealing food.

Hey, but all kids love sugar, right?

If you’re thinking “All kids love sugar and sweets.” then I agree.

The difference is, not all children, or adults, are affected by white flour and sugar in the same way or with the same intensity.

Not all kids, blind or sighted would stoop to this level of utter humiliation and actually steal food from another person’s lunch bag!!!

You see, flour and sugar changed me on a physical level, and not just in the short term.

It transformed my brain on a biochemical level.

I know that this crazy behavior with food pushed me to get help, change my diet, and now I can say that I’m not driven to addictive eating.

Addiction to food can be overcome!

That’s why I’m so excited to share the Food Freedom susceptibility quiz. I think it will help you.

It’s quick and easy, but life-changing and very powerful.

>>>Take The Food Freedom Quiz and see how susceptible to food you are.<<<

My sweet friend and colleague, neuroscientist, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, (an admitted food addict herself developed this quiz to help us individually identify how susceptible we are to the pull of food.

After the Food Freedom Quiz, Susan will give you your score, and a customized

Food Freedom video to help you understand and overcome your food addiction.

Like I said earlier, the frequency and intensity of our food cravings vary widely.

Where do you fall on the food susceptibility scale?


P.S. — Food addiction is not just about candy bars, Oreos or ice cream. Whole foods can also be addictive too. For some, it may be the local organic stone-ground whole wheat bread, while others may be stuck on vegan black-bean brownies. Can you relate?

>>>Take the Food Freedom Quiz right here and see how you score.


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