Food Fraud Found In Coffee, Seafood, Honey And Olive Oil!

Larry-OlmstedWow, this is huge!

Earlier this week I came across info about wide-spread food fraud that I think you’ll want to know too.

It’s outrageous what we don’t know about what we are buying, but, this book will show you how to avoid the many fraudulent food traps.

The book is called,

=> “Real Food/Fake Food” <=

It’s written by a really amazing guy who is a well-known investigative food journalist named Larry Olmsted.

Look, if you eat out and order seafood like: shrimp, red snapper, sushi, Coby beef, or other expensive seafood like lobster, this reporting will blow you away, and show you exactly how to not get royally ripped off.

Other foods covered in the book found to be adulterated or substituted for cheap, unhealthy imitations are: coffee, spices, honey and one of the biggest frauds, olive oil.

Shockingly, 60 to 90% of the olive oil sold in American grocery stores and restaurants is fake. It’s adulterated with unhealthy oxidized seed oils that hurt your health.

This is wrong, and sick, but Larry Olmsted shows you how to get around this fraud and shop for real seafood, olive oil, and coffee.

=> Click here to see more and get the book! <=


P.S. – We as Americans trust that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is policing and regulating food fraud, but this book shows that’s actually not the case. Some of the biggest markets for wide-spread food fraud involve very expensive foods like Coby beef, lobster, shrimp, and highly prized fish like red snapper. Thanks to the fantastic reporting of authors like Larry Olmsted, now we can get informed and learn how to choose more wisely.

=> Click here to see more and get the book. <=


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