Avoid This One Gluten-free Mistake, and You’re Good

There’s a very common gluten-free mistake that most people make.

This unhealthy mistake literally cancels the health benefits of gluten-free eating.

What is this common gluten-free mistake?

The big mistake is eating

gluten-free products.


I know I know. I’m not trying to be tricky here.

Let me explain!

I talk extensively about this gluten-free mistake in my 14-day Gluten-free guide.

Eating Gluten-free is actually simple and straight forward

Before I get into the nasty gluten-free products you should not eat, let’s look at all the things you can eat.

You get to eat from the following gluten-free categories:

  1. Tons of non-starchy veggies,
  2. Sweet potatoes,
  3. White potatoes in moderation,
  4. Eggs preferably pastured,
  5. Free-range animal protein,
  6. Wild seafood like Alaskan salmon, and shell fish like wild shrimp,
  7. Nuts and seeds in moderation,
  8. Fruit in moderation,
  9. Homemade healthy gluten-free desserts in moderation,
  10. Some gluten-free flours and grains such as rice in moderation, and so much more I don’t have room for!

Don’t eat packaged gluten-free products!

Sorry, this common gluten-free mistake will hurt your health, so do not eat packaged gluten-free store-bought products.

Why eating gluten-free food products is such a COMMON mistake and what to do about it!

Here’s usually what happens: You’re convinced that eating grain-based food at every meal and snack is not adding to your health. In fact, grains are hurting your health and you’re suffering from nagging health issues.

So, you decide to cut out grains, but there is a little voice nagging you:

“How can I give up cookies, pizza, crackers and bread”?!!!

Despite these misgivings, you grit your teeth and take the plunge and go gluten-free.

Then, what do you see everywhere you go?

All you see at the market are shelves and shelves of enticing, brilliantly marketed, packaged and highly processed gluten substitutes

You think you have found salvation, but, not so fast…

Big food companies are expert marketers

Look, the big food companies study public opinion big time. This is not surprising.

One of the things they know is that the public wants fewer grains, especially gluten.

So they pour millions of dollars in research and they come up with all those glossy packaged processed junky gluten-free products.

Don’t’ be fooled.

Sure these products do not have wheat rye or barley,

Instead, gluten-free packaged products contain processed flours like potato starch, and rancid oils and tons of sugar.

If you want to be successfully healthy, don’t buy the gluten-free junk anywhere. Not even at your favorite coffee shop, market, or even restaurant.

Made from scratch gluten-free substitutes!

Okay, but what about healthy homemade gluten-free substitutes like a pizza dough made from cauliflower?

Now you’re talking and I’m all about that.

Easy homemade gluten-free pizza dough!

For instance, I do love some of the cauliflower pizza dough recipes I’ve seen on line.

I’m going to experiment with making my own using frozen riced cauliflower.


Let me try it and share the results next time.

For now, my book,

The 14-day Gluten-free Guide has some easy gluten-free comfort food you’ll love!



What do you think? Are you buying gluten-free food products?

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