Perfect Fat Loss

Fat Loss and Cardio Exercise

I’m sooo glad you are reading this post because by the time you are done reading it you will likely feel better about where you are in your life… Not because I have the “perfect” fat loss recommendations…that’s for another day…   Today, let’s examine how the idea of “”perfect” is keeping you from getting…

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Healthy Digestion: 100 Trillion “stomach bugs” inside you?

Common Cold

Did you know that the health of your digestion plays a direct part in your lean body (or lack there of), or in your overall weight loss efforts? Did you also know that the health of your whole digestive tract directly influences how you look and how you age? In fact, when we deeply improve…

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3 diet secrets for 2013 (+ bonus)


Since diet is more important than exercise… (You cannot out-train a bad diet) I’ve decided to spend time sharing nutrition tips this week, starting with these 3 diet secrets… or in other words, nutrition fundamentals.   1. To make a big difference, your nutrition program doesn’t have to be extreme. – Hold up on the…

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Lose Weight in 2013: Insider tips from fat-loss expert (top do’s and don’ts)


The other day I promised some expert diet tips from fat loss expert Isabel De Los Rios from The Diet Solution Program Isabel De Los Rios is my own personal go-to nutrition expert… Isabel can be your own expert holistic nutritionists and coach  too if you believe that a lean body and health begins with…

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The Diet Solution Fat-burning Grocery List – Copy This to Lose Weight

Oranges Whole with Orange Juice in A Glass

One of the most common struggles with the readers of is the uncertainty and confusion around grocery shopping… What to buy? How to sidestep the “highly processed” junk they know is making them fat and sick! So, I went to my expert mentor and nutritionist/coach, Isabel De Los Rios from The Diet Solution Program…

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