Are You Still Doing Ab Crunches? – Let Me Show You a More Effective Way Through The Truth About Abs

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If you’re still thinking that focusing all your exercises, all your attention and concern on your abs, then first you are not alone… but worse you are stuck in old thinking… Let me help you get the truth and show you the right way to exercising and eating to get flat abs. Truth is that…

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To Get a Lean Body, Exercise Like This

Truth About Abs Flat Abs Guide

When it comes to achieving a lean body, what do you do for exercise? What is your #1 Motivator? Lean body RESULTS – Right? So how can you get better results? #1 tip: Exercise needs to be fun. #2 tip: Exercise to get results. Let’s talk about results first: Make sure the priority of your…

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Truth About Abs Shows You How Exercise Tends to Make You Fatter

Truth About Abs 21 day trial

Exercise can make you fatter? Does this surprise you? Well, Truth About Abs deals with this every day, and I do too as a fitness instructor, and a long-time fitness enthusiast. Let me ask you a question… Are you exercising and yet, you are not seeing the great flat abs results you hoped for? <—…

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Truth About Abs Shows Us How Low Fiber Diets Make Us Fat


We all know it’s important to eat fiber, right? Interestingly, 100 years ago our ancestors did not have to be concerned with this. Why? They didn’t have tons of processed foods like: > Fast food on every corner, > packaged breakfast cereal, > boxed items like crackers chips etc, > cookies and all commercially produced…

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Wheat Belly anyone? – Truth About Abs Shows Us Why Wheat is keeping you fat

Whole Grain Bagels

Here at LeanBodyWorks we’ve been enjoying and learning from an 8-part series on common “healthy” foods that are likely keeping you from achieving your lean body. Yes, even if the general party line thinks of them as “healthy” I’m here to tell you that many of the 8 I covered are not healthy nor are…

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