Thin Mist Weight Loss Spray: Why We Get Fat After 30

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  Have you given up on ever seeing the lean body you once had in your twenties? Well, you can stop that thinking now that ThinMist weight loss spray is here…it’s a break-through clinically tested weight loss supplement that works to naturally boost your youth hormones…even if you are way over 30 like me!  …

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Zero Tolerance for Transfats: Did You Know You Are Likely Eating This Dangerous Fat Everyday?

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You likely know that if there’s one fat you should never eat it is dangerous transfats. But, did you know that food manufacturers can legally get away with supplying consumers with a healthy dose of transfats…and you probably have no idea. I’m doing a 3-part series on deceptive labeling… This is the third and last…

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BioTrust Nutritionals Warns About Artificial Sweeteners Hiding in Your Favorite Food


If you don’t know already, using artificial sweeteners makes you fat and ruins your chance for ever having a lean body. Not to mention that artificial sweeteners are not good for your health. This is part two in a 3-part series on deceptive labeling that food manufacturers can get away with. Just in case you…

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BioTrust Protein shows us How to Spot Deceptive Food Labeling Practices


Over the next week I’m doing a 3-part series on “deceptive” food labeling by the big food manufacturers… This is part one. After this “deceptive labeling” series, you will know the top 3 misleading food labeling tricks that try to fool the consumer… The first one is the worst, and I cover it below… Oops,…

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