The Dessert Angel Shows Us A Healthy Dessert Recipe (takes 2 mins to make)

Oreo Cookies

  When you are working on getting a lean body your biggest frustration is sugar cravings, right? At LeanBodyWorks we talk a lot about how to crush cravings. The best way I know is to discover and use smart ingredients to make healthy, craving-crushing, delicious desserts. <— Please understand I’m not encouraging you to eat…

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Cold Apple & Walnut Pie – Courtesy of The Diet Solution Program

Apple Walnut Pie

Over the last week or so I’ve been bringing you “healthy” dessert ideas to help perk up your weight loss eating plan. I say “perk” up because most people think that desserts are out of bounds while they lose weight and get a lean body. Does the idea of being able to eat desserts, let…

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Fat-Burning Chocolate Pudding – Courtesy Mike Geary From Truth About Abs

Chocolate Pudding Fat Burning

Can you imagine getting a lean body while eating delicious desserts like fat-burning chocolate pudding? It’s important to know that you can eat “healthy” desserts and still lose weight. <— Of course you need to know how to use smart ingredients to create “healthy” desserts that burn fat not make your body store fat, right? Today…

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Healthy Brownie Bars – Courtesy Isabel De Los Rios From the Diet Solution Program

Brownies with Coconut

It’s so gratifying to see that so many people are realizing that losing weight does not have to mean total deprivation. And most of all, weight loss does not have to mean never having a sweet treat ever again. The key is finding a never ending stream of healthy cooking ideas we can use to…

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Why You Should Eat Brownies – Courtesy of the Diet Solution Program

At LeanBodyWorks I write a lot about how getting a lean body and eating healthy meals and snacks do not have to mean “bland boring cardboard” food. Maybe this was true 30 years ago. Not so now. Get on this band wagon and learn how to eat yummy, delicious healthy food and lose weight too.…

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