Overeat With No Guilt: Discover 3 Comfort Foods You Can Overeat

Coconut Oil

This is the first part of a 3 part series about 3 foods you can overeat with no guilt to help you defeat food cravings. Do you find that food means comfort. Something to look forward to? I find this to be true, so today, I will give you a quick tip about 3 foods…

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Beat the Heat With These 2 Super Easy Low Fat Diet Desserts

Most cool frozen desserts are packed with too much sugar and dangerous additives. But here are 2 unique low fat diet desserts that will help you beat the heat this summer. This special beat the heat treat will come to the rescue of so much of the U.S. which is broiling right now with record…

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Fat Loss Desserts: Get a Lean Body With This Espresso Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Click here to listen to the audio version  When I stopped eating refined processed sugar 2 years ago I knew I’d miss my sweet treats… Enter the idea of “fat loss” desserts. I discovered nontraditional ingredients to use to replace processed sugar and unhealthy transfats found in most commercial packaged desserts. So all week long…

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Fat Loss Desserts: The Dessert Angel Shows You a Macaroon Recipe You Won’t Believe

Click here to listen to the audio version The fat loss dessert recipe today is an unbelievable chocolate macaroon cookie. My friend Helen, The Dessert Angel calls this a Chocoroon! Yep, you guessed right…it is a macaroon with CHOCOLATE – thus we call it a Chocoroon… They are so delicious, and super easy to make.…

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A Fat Loss Dessert: Chocolate Coconut Truffle Recipe From The Dessert Angel

Coconut Chocolate Truffles

Click here to listen to the audio version It’s a count down to one of the biggest and most beloved U.S. holidays, The Fourth of July! Sure we’re patriotic, but we also eat a lot on the Fourth… Oops… But, what about your lean body goals? Can you really have a fat loss dessert that…

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