Pancakes for Breakfast, Yes, It’s Good for You

French Toast without butter

 [yframe url=’’] Yummy Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes! A healthy breakfast idea. From The diet Solution Program DSP Isabel de los rios So many readers ask me what is a good healthy option to eat for breakfast. Here you go…This is perfect for the weekend when you have time to make these. And frankly, every one…

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Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes: How to Have Your Cake and Get a Lean Body Too

Thanks - 1

[yframe url=’’] Do you get a bit scared about weight gain this time of year? Yes, I used to dread holiday weight gain as well… no more holiday weight gain for me… and I’ll show you how you too can have your cake and get a lean body while enjoying Thanksgiving dessert recipes that taste…

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Healthy Halloween Treat Tips

Halloween Candy

So, are you passing out Halloween candy to the kids? We get so many little goblins and actually really enjoy it. And, yes, I do hand out candy. It’s what they want and I know they’ll throw away carrot sticks… come on! But, I don’t eat sugar anymore so my husband and I won’t be…

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Fat Loss Dessert: No Bake Chocolate-Strawberry Cake

No Bake Chocolate-Strawberry Cake

Below I have a super easy, healthy dessert that is very delicious and healthy. It’s a sweet treat you and your whole family will love. And it will not ruin your lean body goals. Gone are the days when you have to eat boring bland food with no desserts or sweets. Throw that idea away…

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A Smart, Easy Way to “Sneak” Veggies Into a Healthy Breakfast

Blueberry Burst

  We all know that a healthy breakfast starts off the day right. But, have you ever thought about using veggies to make your breakfast super healthy and very satisfying? One quick easy way to add veggies to your breakfast is by adding them to a fruit smoothie. Now I’m not talking about Brussels sprouts…

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