My Life is Stuck on Losing: Can Tapping Help With Feeling Stuck?


Where to go from here? If you tend to feel stuck and inadequate at improving the quality of your life, you’re not alone. Problem is, when we feel stuck we think this state will last forever…that’s all there is…we feel defeated by this not knowing where to go or what to do position…and we don’t…

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Diabetes and Stress: The Tapping Solution Shows Us How much chronic stress is hurting Us

mark hyman2

I’ve been learning why reducing stress is the NUMBER 1 most critical problem for all of us. Here’s what you know about stress: You have a lot of it; It’s not good for you; And you’d love to get rid of it.   Now, here’s what you may NOT know about stress: It’s the number…

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Free Tapping (EFT) Video: Discover how forgiveness TRANSFORMS everything in your life

louise hay 2

Have you ever heard that the practice of “forgiveness” benefits the forgiver? I’ve been studying and using forgiveness in my life and I have seen remarkable results in my own health issues and in difficult relationships with close family. The free tapping/EFT Emotional Freedom Technique works in every department of your life…and if you have…

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