Best Exercise for Flat Abs: If you Want a Lean Body And Lose Weight Do It This Way


What kind of exercise does it take to get a lean body and permanently lose weight? First, you have to rethink some of what you know about proper exercise and effective workouts. BTW, a couple of years ago I had to rethink my approach to fitness and discard old thinking too. Here’s the point… Ask…

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Overeat These 3 Foods An Get An Unexpected Metabolic Effect

Do you like the idea of being able to overeat certain foods? Below I have 3 superfoods you can eat to your heart’s content. And when you eat these foods, you will see an interesting fat-burning effect. But first, you need a long-term solution to the typical weight loss story we all dread- the “diet”.…

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Truth About Abs Warns Us About 3 “healthy” foods to STOP eating

Stop Sign

It occurred to me today that healthy eating is like driving. Know anyone who would admit to being a poor driver? Exactly… Everyone thinks they drive well… I’ve never heard anyone admit to being a poor driver. … and everyone believes they eat healthfully too! Now, as a blind person I cannot and will not…

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Choose Healthy Hot Dogs: Doctors Group Says Conventional Hot Dogs Are As Dangerous As Cigarettes

National Hotdog Month

A little outrageous and over-the-top rhetoric? Maybe. But sometimes this kind of talk is the only way to get public attention. It’s National Hot Dog month and so I thought it would be perfect timing to bring up the subject of processed meat and the infamous conventional hot dog. I’ll give you a much healthier…

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Truth About Abs Tells Us Why Your Abdominal FAT is Much More Than a Vanity Issue

Fat Belly Person

Ask anyone what they notice first when they meet someone… After the face They’ll likely notice the midsection. Sure guys want that buffed, hard body look. And women want a sleek tight waist and tummy. But, Truth About Abs by Mike Geary tells us that our lean body looks are a minor point when compared…

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