Anti-aging Supplements for weight loss | Why We Get Fat After 30

ThinMist Bottles

Everyone sees and feels the subtle (or not so subtle) changes in the body after 30. I know when I got in to my 30’s I really got serious about staying lean and fit. Many readers want to know more about the over 30 weight loss challenges and if anti-aging supplements can help in weight…

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Lose Weight Fast: Is Cardio the Most Important Exercise to Get a Set of Six Pack Abs?

Resistance Training

This is the last part in a series of 5 parts discussing the 5 most common myths to achieve fast weight loss. Most people think of cardiovascular (cardio) activities when they think of working out to achieve fast weight loss right? This was definitely my favorite kind of workout back in the 80’s. No question!…

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Six Pack Abs: Are Crunches the Best Way to Get Flat Abs?

Fat Belly

This is part four of a series of five parts on the 5 common weight loss myths. If you missed part three Catch it here <— Having a six pack is certainly the badge of honor when it comes to ultra fitness. And no, I don’t have a six pack. I have flat abs and…

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Can Women Bulk Up With Resistance Training? | Find Out What Top Certified Trainer Mike Geary Says

This is Part three of five, can women bulk up through resistance training? As a fitness instructor, I often hear this common concern from women, especially from those who have never used resistance training to firm or tone the body. It’s true. Many women have never tried resistance training. I myself have been regularly working…

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Do You have to count calories for weight loss? | Mike Geary Tells You the Truth

Truht About Abs Six Packs

This post is part two of five. Do you have to count calories to lose weight? Believe it or not, this is very controversial. To count calories, or not… Frankly the thought of counting calories is so depressing that this may be why so many people simply never decide to seriously lose weight. And, yet,…

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