The dumbest health question ever!

Download your FREE personal Seven-Part Guide. Before we get to the rest of my pretty serious inflammation and heart disease discussion I want to make a point by asking you a pretty dumb health question:   Don’t you really want to know how to have radiant health, a slim body and longevity?   I start…

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Conventional diets: Discover the true cause of heart disease (part two)

Download your FREE personal Seven-Part Guide.   In last week’s blog post I shared with you why Getting off Twinkies will be easy when you hear this graphic description of what junk does to you This time, in part two, let’s flesh things out a bit Let’s talk about what exactly is a “conventional” diet?…

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Getting off Twinkies Will be Easy When You Hear This Graphic Description of What Junk Food Does to You! (part one)

Download your FREE personal Seven-Part Guide. Imagine sand papering your arteries and other blood vessels causing damage repeatedly, day in and day out…   Sound horrific?   It is…   Even if you cannot see or feel this horrific damage, That is what you are doing every time you eat something that is highly processed…

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Have you noticed this side effect of your gluten-free diet?

Gluten Free Diet

Listen,   I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble but…   I bet that you are either: a) Sick and tired of hearing about gluten-free diets b) Or, confused as heck about how to go on a gluten-free diet   Well, I have great news for you today. We’re going to get to the…

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Rich Creamy Gluten-free Desserts… — So Good You’ll Think They Are Bad for You!


I think we can all agree that one of life’s greatest pleasures is ending a nice meal with a rich and creamy decadent dessert… right? Well, get ready because Easter and Mother’s day is just around the corner and now is the time to get prepared with sweet treats that are delicious, and healthy too.…

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