The Biggest Loser Part 2

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Here is the second example out of three examples of really misguided nutrition advice…


You may recall that my sister urged me to watch the show to see if she could use the eating guidelines to lose weight for her son’s upcoming wedding.


So I thought I’d share my opinions and observation with you as well.


The next criticism I had comes from a common misunderstanding of nutrition by the show contestants.


One of the contestants chose a breakfast sandwich of egg whites on whole wheat bread.


Clearly the contestants view this as a healthy breakfast option.



This shows 2 things that this contestant misunderstands about nutrition…


  • for one, the falsely held belief that you need to avoid egg yolks.


Wrong! Egg yolks are vitally important to controlling:

  • appetite.
  • Balancing your all important fat burning hormones!


Isabel clearly discusses this in her Diet Solution Program that egg yolks are actually the MOST important part of the egg!


And the second misunderstanding this contestant had was that “whole wheat” is good for you and a good thing for fat loss.


Again, Isabel would only recommend bread (even so-called “whole wheat” bread) for somebody that is trying to GAIN weight… not for somebody who is desperately trying to lose weight.




Isabel says that one of the best breakfasts for fat loss is the following:


  • 2 to 4 WHOLE eggs,
  • Then use lots of your favorite veggies…
  • onions,
  • mushrooms,
  • zucchini,
  • red peppers,
  • spinach,
  • topped with salsa and sliced avocado!


I love this kind of breakfast. Very yummy and keeps me full for hours… Why? Mostly because of the egg yoke. And I am getting lots of great vitamins from the yoke too.



To get you set straight for life please get The Diet Solution Program and begin your very own weight loss journey today.


I will be back with one more horrendously poor nutritional piece of advice from the Biggest Loser…


This is Kathy Strahan and don’t  forget to get my free download at the top of the page.

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