The Biggest Loser part 1

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Horrendously bad nutrition advice from the Biggest Loser show!

You do know about this show right? You would have to be completely out of touch to have missed this one. And yes, blind people like myself watch TV and even see movies. I can talk more about this some other time.

So, Back to “The Biggest Loser”.

I have to admit… The TV show itself is something I do not watch regularly, but I was a regular fan of Jillian’ radio talk show she had for a couple of years and I really loved her energy and enthusiasm. I got a good sense of the show and some fun stuff that went on behind the scenes too.

So, I freely admit up until this season, I have not watched much of the TV show.

Anyway, my sister who is a big fan of the show, and bless her heart is always trying to lose those same thirty pounds told me she saw an episode with some eating advice and she wanted to know if I thought the show had nutrition advice she should use to “lose weight” for her sons’ upcoming wedding.

So, I decided to watch some episodes.

I will say up front, the one general benefit of this kind of show
is that I think it gives people hope… people that have long given up on getting the body they want and falsely think that they are “cursed with a bad metabolism” or other garbage that goes through their minds. I think there’s definitely a great motivating aspect to the show that can really help a lot of people to finally lose weight.

Okay, here is my nutritional criticism of the show…

The first example…

On one of the recent shows, they had one of those “trainer tips” 30-second spots on the show, and the recommendation was to eat MORE cereal if you want to lose weight.

Unbelievable! Are you kidding me?

From what I’ve learned from The Diet Solution program is that eating boxed cereal is a big fat loss mistake!

The ONLY time cereal would be recommended is if somebody’s goal involved wanting to GAIN weight.

Isabel teaches that eating cereal is very detrimental to fat loss and is also unhealthy as well.

This recommendation to eat more cereal to aid weight loss is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

Of course, this little 30-second “trainer tip” was sponsored by a cereal company… big surprise.

I could go on and on as to why we DON’T need any more grains in our diets… but I think Isabel from the Diet Solution Program can tell you fully and completely and set you straight for life!

Get her program now and begin losing your unwanted fat.

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