Food Manufacturers Love You!

But not in a good way


I mean that this kind of love is not anything that I can call sweet unless you want to consider that most of the so-called food they promote have way too much sugar.


Sweet. Get it?


Seriously, food manufacturers count on seducing you emotionally.


Please learn this very important fact. And then dump junk food out of your life because you and all of America have been betrayed.


Let’s not necessarily make them the bad guy or cast blame. That is not my point. Believe me, if the public were to stop purchasing junk food and then when the food manufacturers were to begin to see sales fall, they no doubt would change.


But what food manufactures do in the future is not our concern. Instead, I want to strongly urge you to take responsibility for your health and to realize that eating highly processed food is extremely counterproductive to your fat loss, and even the health of not only you, but also the health of your family.


In order to take control of things again, you need to disentangle yourself from the grip of the slick advertising of food manufacturers and just say, no!


You, and everyone in America who eat processed food needs to wake up and realize that the big processed food manufacturers are clearly spending quite a bit of money to get you to emotionally respond to a Big Mac or a box of Oreos, or Tony the Tiger or virtually every box of snack crackers – but, interestingly, you’re not really expected to respond emotionally to a fresh, ripe tomato or an organically grown carrot.


Frankly, I do not like to be emotionally manipulated especially down this road.


Take a peek at the advertising/marketing budgets of some of the top processed food manufacturers:


•Macdonalds – well over a billion dollars

•Kraft – $1.1 billion and increasing in 2011

•Kellogg – beyond the billion dollar mark

•PepsiCo – was $1.3 billion in 1999, today ???

•Nestle – nearly $4 billion in 2001


And Coca-Cola advertising and marketing budget in 2010 was almost 3 billion dollars.


Even though they are the biggest household name in the world, they still need this massive budget to continue to snag you in to buying the product.


Please do not under estimate the emotional response I’m talking about that these slick advertisers know how to tweak.


Haven’t you thought later after buying junk food. Wow! How or why did I do that???


On the other hand, fresh organically grown vegetables have no marketing budget to speak of. Right?


When it comes to buying healthy I admit, there is a certain reliance on intelligence to make your buying decisions. I admit that carrots are simply not as exciting as a yummy chocolate cheese cake. We reason and know that a carrot will help us not hurt us, and so then we make the latter decision to buy the carrots.


Boring you say… Well, think about it, indulging your emotions and sweet tooth all these years has gotten you where?


Come on now. You and I are way too smart to be sucked in anymore.


Next time I’ll tell you how to be smart at the market and how to shop around the edges which will naturally help you avoid the call of the slick advertisers.


I’m Kathy Strahan from

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