Gluten Free Part 3

Gluten Free part 3 Click on the link to listen to the article below



Look out for the latest deceptive new kid on the block from food manufacturing advertisers who are capitalizing on the gluten issue that some people really do deal with.


This is a caution to you, and an extremely important point to remember.


In Isabel’s latest newsletter, she emphatically thinks most of these highly processed, products (found mostly in a bag or a box) do more harm than good and can stall and/or prevent weight loss!


Yes, stall or prevent weight loss…




Not because they are “gluten free”.


They certainly are gluten free. That’s not the point…


Rather these products are harmful to you, even deceptive because these packaged items are highly processed and do not remotely resemble real food.


Check this ingredients list from the label of a package of “gluten free” crackers that are promoted as healthy and ideal for a gluten free diet:


rice flour,

potato starch,

buckwheat flour,


palm oil,

modified corn starch,




hydroxypropyl methycellulose,

sunflower lecithin,

cream of tartar,

ammonium bicarbonate,

natural flavor.

Does that sound heavily processed or what????


Remember, to get healthy and drop fat, Isabel recommends eating foods with one ingredient such as, broccoli, chicken, sweet potato, wild rice, olive oil, eggs, etc.


Eating foods with one ingredient is recommended regardless of the health issue you may have!

If that ingredient list does not alarm you, then check out the ingredients of a breakfast cereal advertised for children as healthy and part of a nutritious gluten free diet:


organic whole grain corn meal,

organic evaporated cane juice,

organic peanut butter,

organic molasses,

organic cocoa,

sea salt,

organic soy oil,

natural flavor,

tocopherols (natural vitamin E).

Do not be fooled by the word “organic here either. Advertisers can use this “loaded” word on product labels with much latitude. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not something I am going to give to any child I know… Especially with the soy oil in it!



“Gluten free” has become the newest buzz word in nutrition. What is challenging for legitimate nutritionists like Isabel is that some people really could benefit from a gluten free diet. If you have digestive difficulties, or you simply cannot drop any weight, then eliminating gluten may be the right move for you.


However, it is safe to say that no one should consume any highly processed products whether or not they say “gluten free”. These highly processed foods like all the others found on your grocery shelf are deceptive and not good for your health and weight loss goals.


If you want to torch your body fat, find out the nasty pit falls to avoid at the grocery store.


That’s for next time.


I’m Kathy Strahan from


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