Certain kinds of food will seduce you and keep you fat

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Even some so-called “health” food


Bare with me a bit here. I need to deliver a bit of a lecture. It will not take long…


In the last article I did I recommended that “To avoid manipulative and misleading advertisers, shop around the edge of the grocery store”.


Then I thought: There are so many who find this advice to be so utterly boring. In fact, as blind as I am, I can see my readers rolling their eyes right now.


Why? Because, no doubt you have heard this before…


However, just because this advice has been heard before does not make it wrong. It’s just that chances are you have not used the advice. Or, to be fair, you do not know how to use it.


Let me address the first group of people. Those who simply will not use the advice that most nutrition experts agree on. That is to shop around the edge of the store where the meat, dairy and produce is situated.


Before I go on, let’s get realistic. None of us are saints and will never have dessert ever again. I’m addressing those of you who eat packaged, frozen, or any kind of processed or fast food every single day, and at every meal.


Okay, getting back to the subject at hand…


So why have you not done this?


It’s simple. Because the middle of the store has what you want and what you crave. You and I know that some of those packaged items are not only quick and convenient, but they taste really great and even give you a temporary hit. Let’s just say it right out… Carrots simply are not very exciting!


If you are looking for your food to be always giving you a hit of excitement and if you are always going to be seduced by those sexy, colorful food labels, then believe me, eating healthy vegetables and other good things like this will never do it for you.


All the health information that warns you against the evils of processed food will not change your mind because your body craves the effects that processed food can give.

Its’ true… In fact, when you venture to read food labels, most of the time you’ll find some form of sugar on the label. So you are getting sugar in everything from salad dressing, to crackers, to frozen meals, to the obvious sweets and desserts. And this does not take in to account the countless other artificial ingredients found in all packaged and processed food items.


Processed foods are very seductive to those who want to play the game of always eating for fun and thrills.



Come on! We all need to grow up and realize that yes, chocolate chip cookies are way more fun than carrots. But I say “so what”! This kind of fun is so short-lived, and this eating behavior can and will eventually wreck the health of your children, and for you too.


Think about this… Where have those highly processed packaged junk products gotten you so far?


I hope not to diabetes, high blood pressure, ETC…


And do not tell me that what you eat does not effect your health eventually… Look up the research that clearly shows that abusing yourself with highly processed foods creates health issues like this. Don’t delude yourself.


You need to give up dependence on processed junk. It’s not that hard to do. That quick highly processed whatever will not give you the true healthy satisfaction that choosing smart, healthy food options can give you. Try it for a month and see what I mean. And actually, you will start feeling better in less than a week once you are off the sugar. The body responds very quickly to sugar elimination. I know, I’ve done it..


In 2009 I totally did it… I eliminated sweets and sugar and all processed grains. And I certainly loved my sweets. If I did it, I know you can too.


Okay, lecture over, now, next time let’s talk about what to look for and how to shop around the edges of the market.

I’m Kathy Strahan from


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