Want to Beat Abdominal Fat? Use This Remarkably Delicious Spice to Get Your Lean Body…

Abdominal fat can be eliminated with this remarkable, delicious and easily available spice.

What is it?

The fat burning spice I love and use every day is cinnamon.

However, like anything, using too much can cause issues.

==>> Read about the possible side effects of cinnamon right here.

In a moment I will highlight a few biochemically based reasons to support these fat burning claims of cinnamon. But let’s first talk about how to use it. And a little interesting tid bit about this amazing spice you may not know.

Fun Fact: Surprisingly, cinnamon is a source of important minerals such as manganese, iron, and calcium. Cinnamon even has a certain amount of fiber.

How to use Cinnamon

So many kinds of foods and beverages can be enhanced through the use of cinnamon.

Have you ever tried using it in coffee? I grind coffee beans every morning and use a small piece of a cinnamon stick to grind with the beans. This adds a fantastic flavor you get in the fancy coffee stores, and I can get this luxurious taste every morning. I’m also advancing my health benefits since cinnamon is so helpful to blood sugar balance. More of that later.

Go ahead and use a pinch or two of cinnamon in your organic rolled oats if you can eat oatmeal. There you go…A tasty way to intensify the nutrition of oatmeal or any grain such as Quinoa.

My mom would make a yummy treat with leftover rice (yes it was white unfortunately) and add a little milk and sugar (sugar not recommended) and a lot of yummy cinnamon. Then she warmed this mixture on the stove which made a kind of rice pudding. Sometimes she would add raisins.

Fast forward back to today…I also add a large pinch of cinnamon to my morning green smoothie.

To my way of thinking and eating I would miss cinnamon if for some reason I couldn’t get it in to my kitchen for every day use.

How does cinnamon work to beat abdominal fat?

Its’ surprising how much research is revealing the amazing health benefits of cinnamon. In fact, you hear about it in the news almost every week.

It’s fantastic for losing weight because it aids in regulating blood sugar. So, many advise using a little cinnamon before or with a carbohydrate rich meal. This is why it’s ideal on oatmeal or any other grain.

As you may know, research shows that the hormone insulin is a key component to our metabolism. This is why cinnamon is beneficial in getting a flat tummy.

Of course you must have a proper exercise program and eat no processed packaged food as well to see these kinds of results. Can cinnamon help you lose belly fat?

Mike Geary has a fantastic article that will tell you more about this miracle spice…

==>> 1 Unique spice that beats abdominal fat 

Discover how cinnamon can:

Burn off abdominal fat

How much you need daily to help you lose weight

And many other surprising lean body benefits…

If you want to get rid of your abdominal fat

==>> Find out here…

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