Check Out The Diet Solution Program: Eat delicious Fat-Burning Desserts to Get a Lean Body

It’s Easter Sunday and if you’re like me you may want a healthy dessert but you don’t want to feel guilty and most of all, you want to keep your lean body… Good news! Healthy desserts are not out of bounds says the Diet Solution Program,(DSP). In fact, having regular healthy sweet treats can help you in so many ways. The (DSP) and I agree that getting a lean body does not mean deprivation. You’ll never make it long-term if you eat only low calorie “diet” food. But, you need a professionally designed program to show you smart ways to use healthy ingredients to make substitutions…

I tell my readers every day… If you think your healthy eating plan has to be nothing but lettuce and carrot sticks you won’t be happy, healthy or satisfied. Long-term!

If you are in a hurry to get a lean body for summer and want some quick and easy weight loss tips… My friend and nutrition coach Isabel has agreed to offer my readers a free presentation that gives you weight loss tips
==>> you can use right now.

When I suggest you give up dangerous, highly processed food you need to replace it with something else. And that something else could be a healthy dessert for after meals, or even as a snack. Or even a post workout drink. It’s that healthy!

The REAL secret to a
==>> weight loss meal plan
is NOT feeling like you’re on a “diet”!

And what’s the #1 thing you’d think you have to give up in order
to increase fat burning?

DESSERT, right?

Forget that! I absolutely love a little something sweet and I certainly would never give up dessert! 🙂

I have some kind of healthy treat almost every day. And I’m leaner than I was in high school.

Here’s the deal…What if YOUR desserts actually worked WITH your fat burning goal?

Try this 1 out for size…

Chocolate Banana Shake


½ cup low fat cottage cheese or greek yogurt
+ ½ cup coconut or almond milk
+ 1 scoop of
==>> Prograde chocolate Protein
(Or substitute protein powder) for 1 teaspoon organic unprocessed cocoa powder
+ 1 pinch stevia
+ 1 banana (optional, ahead of time peel banana and freeze it to use in this for a colder thicker consistency)

Now, mix in blender for 30 seconds or until smooth.

This is packed with tons of good quality protein and will satisfy any chocolate tooth – like mine. ?

==>> Check out more healthy weight loss tips you can use today.

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