Energy drinks: Real energy, Or Complete Scam – + a DSP Healthy Energy Drink Recipe

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My readers want more info about energy drinks and also requested other options. I went to The Diet Solution Program, (DSP) and Isabel gave me a great healthy energy drink recipe to share with you.

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Speaking of energy…It never ceases to amaze me the answer I get when I ask people…

“Hey Bob (or insert any name here), how are you doing today?”

“Oh, Kathy I’m so tired.”

Tired. Yes. That is the answer I get most often, and it’s usually directly followed by BUSY.

Why do I bring this up? Because more and more people are asking me about so called healthy Energy Drinks and whether or not they really are ok and healthy to drink for a good and fast pick me up.

If you believe that the commercial energy drinks are healthy then you must read the post I wrote yesterday about what’s really in these cleverly marketed drinks.

My post breaks down exactly what’s in energy drinks….the good and the bad (and the absolutely horrendous).

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Okay, now to the healthy energy drink I promised.

Warm weather is moving in for most of us and this will be so refreshing without all the sugar and junk you will get from regular commercial energy drinks.

Healthy Energy Drink Recipe

1. Make a big iced tea mixture using green tea, white tea, and yerba mate tea. I like to add a little fruit flavor, so I’ll use 1 tea bag of a raspberry or blueberry hibiscus tea, and then use 2-3 green and/or white tea bags, and 2-3 yerba mate tea bags, and make a gallon container of iced tea. If you want some sweetness, You can use a small amount of stevia to lightly sweeten the batch of tea.

2. I buy a container of organic coconut water from a health food store, or buy fresh coconuts to obtain the coconut water from the inside.

3. For my healthy energy drink, I mix a half of a glass of the white/green/yerba mate iced tea mixture and fill the rest of the glass with the coconut water.

This is actually a delicious and truly healthy energy drink instead of the chemical-laden crappy energy drinks that everybody is getting suckered into buying these days.

The green, white, and yerba mate teas contain a small dose of caffeine along with a diverse mixture of powerful antioxidants and synergistic phytochemicals. Plus, the coconut water is a rich source of electrolytes and a diversity of vitamins and minerals. Coconut water is known to provide a good instant energy source, and also contains a small dose of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are healthy fats that are readily used for energy and also aid your immune system.

So enjoy this natural healthy energy drink, knowing that you’re doing your body good instead of filling it with chemicals with normal store-bought energy drinks.

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I hope this information helps you on your lean body journey. If you need further help, please email me so I can support you further.

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