Fight Food with Food: Kill Sugar Cravings With This Well-loved Food

Sugar cravings and how to deal with them is one of my favorite topics. Why?

Well, because I’m very familiar with this problem. Yep… like you, sugar cravings can turn my head and keep me from staying on a
healthy eating plan. <—

So, what I recommend is for all of us to find foods that work to conquer cravings instead of giving in to them.

As you know, I’m a big believer in gathering tools and resources to help us get a lean body and help us to stay that way.

Keep reading to find out 1 delicious food that will fight your sugar cravings, and I give you a fantastic resource you can use every day to help you maintain a lean body for life.

Try this food to kill cravings:
Try Turkey: Turkey will help you with your sugar struggles.

Yes, I know turkey is not sweet, but read on to find out that you really don’t want sweet like you think you do…

Here’s the deal with sugar cravings…

When you get this craving, what your body really wants is chromium and tryptophan, not sugar.

Chromium helps regulate blood sugar and fights insulin resistance, while tryptophan helps repair lean muscle tissue, thereby improving your metabolism.

So, listen, turkey is loaded with chromium and tryptophan and together they combine to fight sugar cravings — making fat loss a whole lot easier.

What’s more, turkey contains 20 grams of protein per serving and just 85 calories! Plus, protein has a “thermogenic effect,” which means it takes more energy to digest than it does carbohydrates or fat. In fact, you burn almost 30% of the calories during the digestion of protein!

Caution: Get fresh turkey, not the deli kind. The deli version tends to be processed and not real turkey.

Want to find out other foods to eat to get a lean body?

My friend and go-to nutritionist Isabel De los Rios put up a special FREE presentation just for my readers. (only for a limited time)

I recommend you go there now and watch it, then try her healthy eating program and see how easy it is to use a done-for-you system of eating.

Isabel’s system is not a deprivation diet. You learn how to eat healthy, delicious foods that naturally allows you to lose weight.

Watch the FREE presentation right here:
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Click the link above and get some great weight less tips you can use today. Then try The Diet Solution and see how easy it is to get a lean body for life.

Bottom line:
Kill your sugar cravings with turkey. Who knew. But, when you eat turkey you get a good dose of chromium and tryptophan which your body is crying out for when you crave sugar.

Use this food to fight those nasty sugar cravings and get a lean body for life. It works, trust me.

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Now, it’s your turn to talk back:

Tell me what you crave?

Is it sugar?

Do you crave other kinds of food? What is it?

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