For Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Stop Having This for Breakfast


What I’m about to tell you will pretty much shatter your idea of a “healthy” breakfast. But after I tell you more about this common breakfast item, you will see why it needs to be dropped from a healthy eating plan.

For anyone who wants a healthy lean body and needs to lose weight, stop having orange juice for breakfast.


Because first of all orange juice, (especially store-bought) is not freshly squeezed. It has way too much sugar and in some brands of commercial orange juice you will find added
”super bad” high fructose corn syrup. <—

If that were not bad enough, most orange juice sounds really healthy because it has added dangerous synthetic vitamins and calcium. Don’t be fooled.

Both calcium and synthetic vitamins taken this way is so fake and imbalanced. Your body will not recognize these elements as real. The body does not know what to do with fake vitamins and imbalanced calcium. Experts say this really messes up the body.

So, simply do not take the chance.

Just stop drinking the stuff.

Here’s what to do instead:

  1.  To enjoy drinking juice, make fruit smoothies. Blended smoothies with fruit do not spike your sugar levels like drinking straight juice because you still have the fiber. Plus you can add spinach and protein to make sure you do not get a sugar spike. Plus, you are making this at home and so you know what you are using.
  2. Eat oranges whole. They are so filling and satisfying you will not miss the juice.

Look, for permanent weight loss an getting a lean body you need a good blue print to follow. No more haphazard guessing.

I always turn to my friend and go-to-nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios for questions.

Everything I know about health, fitness, and nutrition I have learned from her.

For my readers she has agreed to set up a free presentation jus for you.

Use just 1 of these free weight loss tips and you will lose weight.

However, if you want to have support and a done-for-you program you can use forever, grab her Diet Solution Program and see what I mean.

I’m not sure how long this free presentation will stay up there…

Check it out now:
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I hope this gives you some good alternatives to having orange juice for breakfast.

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What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you have any alternatives to orange juice?

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