Truth About Abs Shows You How Exercise Tends to Make You Fatter

Exercise can make you fatter? Does this surprise you?

Well, Truth About Abs deals with this every day, and I do too as a fitness instructor, and a long-time fitness enthusiast.

Let me ask you a question…

Are you exercising and yet, you are not seeing the great
flat abs results you hoped for? <—

Even worse you’re actually GAINING WEIGHT.

Don’t worry, this is very common but not talked about much.

What you are missing is a food plan you can use to compliment your exercise program.

If you are not a nutritionist you will not know what foods to choose to help you burn bodyfat.

Do it yourself and only cause confusion and yes, weight gain and setbacks.

This is why I asked Mike Geary, Author of Truth About Abs to give my readers a trial offer of his nutrition and exercise program to help you workout and eat right to lose weight and keep it off.

For less than a fattening fast food lunch you get to try his Truth About Six Pack Abs program.

For a limited time:
Click through now <— try Truth About Abs for less than five bucks!

You’re not alone:
Fact is, numerous research studies have shown that individuals who start on exercise programs actually subconsciously eat MORE calories due to the fact that exercise also stimulates your appetite.

This is why folks who begin exercising–without consciously getting their diet under control at the same time–often actually GAIN body fat.

Yes, before I started using top notch nutrition info found at Truth About Abs I fell in to this trap too.

Do you want to put in the time and the effort in the gym to GAIN weight? Course not… me either.

That’s why it’s critically important that you also take specific, strategic steps to create a fat burning environment in your body through the foods that you eat.

Confused or unsure as to what specific steps you should take to transform your diet in to your fat-burning ally?

My buddy Mike from Truth About Abs explains it all here:
Click Through now <— try Truth About Six Pack Abs for less than five bucks!

Bottom line:
Exercise alone will not get you the lean body you want. You need to get a proven nutrition plan that encourages fat loss. Do it yourself and you will likely spend time spinning your wheels. But sadly, not in a good way.

Check out
truth about SIX PACK ABS while the trial is up there. <—


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Have you ever noticed that exercise makes you more likely to gain weight?

Do you find that after working out you feel it’s a good license to overeat!

What are your strategies to keep this from happening?

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