Try This Easy Homemade Trailmix For School Lunches Or For When You Are On The Go

It’s that time again… back to school and you are likely concerned with the big question, what healthy food items to include in your kid’s lunch box???

People in my spin class often ask me about healthyThen there’s you and me. What healthy snacks can we use when we are away from home, The easy inexpensive snack idea below will help you and your family stay healthy and save a ton of money.

snack ideas that don’t cost much. <—

As you know, most store-bought snacks are full of dangerous transfats and too much sugar. If you stop eating commercially made snacks and substitute healthy snacks this one simple change will make a difference in your weight and in how you feel.

That is, after you dump the junk…

When it comes to snacks, it’s not just about healthy either.

In these hard times we need to save money on food…

… and make sure it’s easy, convenient, and something we can grab-it-now kind of thing.

If you are going to give up the
junk food, <—
then I want to bring you great, delicious healthy alternatives.

Let me share my healthy trailmix that I never leave home without.

Quick tip:
Make your own healthy delicious trailmix at the beginning of each week. On Saturday or Sunday I grab a gallon sized zip lock bag and dump approximately even amounts of the following:
Use this:
almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (no sugar added), cacao nibs (not as much as all the other stuff) and (unsweetened) shredded coconut. Then, I sprinkle in some Himalayan Sea Salt and Voila…a delicious and healthy trailmix.

Next I put approximately 2 oz of the trailmix in Zip lock snack bags to take with me “on the go”.

My husband loves this trailmix even more than I do which is saying a lot and so I put in a couple of bags in his back pack for his day at work.

cacao nibs:
You may be unfamiliar with cacao nibs. Find these at Whole Foods or your local health food store and buy the raw, organic nibs. These are full of vitamins and minerals unlike the regular brand name junky candy bars.

Chocolate lovers check this:
If you are craving chocolate, here’s a delicious, healthy chocolate pudding recipe you will love.
fat burning chocolate pudding <—

Bottom line:
Eat healthy snacks with whole natural ingredients. Make your own to save money and save your future health.

When organic is mentioned be easy about it… In other words, if you do not have organic vanilla on hand, then use what you have, then next time, find organic at a Whole Foods, Sprouts Market, or health food store. The only critical organic ingredient is unprocessed cacao powder because the cocoa you buy at the market is processed with chemicals. Other than that, you can use what you have at home. Enjoy.

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