Are You Still Doing Ab Crunches? – Let Me Show You a More Effective Way Through The Truth About Abs

If you’re still thinking that focusing all your exercises, all your attention and concern on your abs, then first you are not alone… but worse you are stuck in old thinking…

Let me help you get the truth and show you the right way to exercising and eating to get flat abs.

Truth is that most people naturally think that abdominal crunches, sit-ups and/or
ab machines <—
will achieve six pack abs.

This is an understandable mistake… but if you want results, then listen up and I can help you change your body…

The truth is that to get rid of stomach fat and achieve a lean body with flat abs you need a combination of right exercise and right eating.

What are the “right” exercises?

Well, frankly they are not crunches, sit-ups, or any kind of ab isolation exercises.

To illustrate directly which exercises you need to do, check out a popular article below where Mike Geary author of Truth About abs shares
a unique full body workout that shreds the abs (without ab isolation exercises). <—

Intuitively we want to attack a problem head on. We see a paunchy gut and we want to focus in on it and exercise it hard enough and long enough to make it behave and get flat.

Most of us have tried this “spot reduction” experiment with little or no results, right?

Yes, me too. But, no more.

My friend and coach, Mike Geary creator of the Truth About Abs Program tells me that this is one of the most persistent misconceptions he has to deal with when it comes to convincing his clients to stop focusing on their abs so much and instead use exercise that use the whole body and focus on “intensity”.

In a recent conversation with me, here’s what Mike said:

“What works time and time again is to focus on the intensity of your workouts and focus on working the body as a whole in order to get the best metabolic response to lose that stubborn stomach fat.” “

Wow! Did you read that?

Are you encouraged and energized like I am to know we do have control?

That is directly from the most successful trainer on the internet.

So, again, what exercises do you need to do?

Glad you asked.

If you do not have a guide or a map to follow to get a lean body and flat abs then please go to the page below and check out this special article from Truth About Abs.

Truth About abs shares
a unique full body workout that shreds the abs (without ab isolation exercises). <—

Did you know that certain ab isolation exercises like crunches and situps can actually promote overuse injuries and be keeping you from losing weight?

Learn how to get flat abs at the link below where Truth About abs shares
a unique full body workout that shreds the abs (without ab isolation exercises). <—

Go ahead and compare these exercises to the ones you are doing. Maybe you’ll find a new way to approach working out to get a lean body and six pack abs.

Email me and let me know how you are doing.

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Tell me what you do to get rid of your paunchy belly.

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