What to Do When Healthy Food Does Not Taste Like Fast Food…


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One of my favorite readers is really trying to adopt healthy eating habits. But she emailed me the other day and confessed that “healthy food does not taste as good as fast food”.

She is really struggling with changing from
fast food <—
and highly processed packaged food to eating like I recommend here at LeanBodyWorks.

Can you relate to this struggle?

My heart goes out to my reader and to anyone who is stuck on highly processed packaged junk and fast food.

Healthy whole food tastes super good to me an to those who eat it all the time.

Food like:
A piece of fruit like melon, or a plate of roasted veggies with butter and parmesan cheese, or a roasted chicken bursting with savory seasoning like garlic and thyme.

Healthy food taste really good but, next to the aggressive taste you love from fast food and packaged processed food…

… well, it’s like comparing apples to elephants.

The comparison is not in the same ball park or even on the same planet.

Fast food and packaged food items are so FAKE and highly addictive.


Because fast food and highly processed junky packaged food is filled with additives and preservatives and sugar and unhealthy sodium that is making you fat and sick.

And food manufactures want you to buy more, and more of their nasty fake food.

People like my reader need to take the time to appreciate the simple tastes of whole natural food…

Some people have never had whole natural food on a regular basis…

In some cases, having home cooked meals while growing up was rare.

Is this you?

The only way to learn to appreciate whole, healthy food is to make a commitment to do it.

Stop eating the bad stuff for six weeks or longer and eat only healthy, whole food.

But wait… hold on!

What foods to eat is your question…

After you make a commitment to feed yourself and your family good healthy food you need guidelines.

You need grocery lists.

You need recipes…

Do what I asked my reader to do and get a structured plan.

To get a plan to do that I recommend getting a healthy eating program you can use and follow.

Get a done-for-you system like:If you try it yourself you’ll end up lost and confused.

the fat burning kitchen <—

This program is by my friend and coach Mike Geary.

Check it out for yourself and for your family.

Get a done-for-you system like:
the fat burning kitchen <—

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