Dealing with holiday STRESS?

[yframe url=’’] founder shows you ways to avoid your own personal meltdown

No doubt you feel the familiar holiday stress building already? founder, George Lamoureux, master herbalist, tells us that 90% of all chronic health conditions stems from chronic stress…

Think about what this means…

… the bad news is that stress kills, but the good news is that you can take control of your health when you learn how to calm your stress…

Join me on a very spcial teleclass when George Lamoureux from tells us exactly how to do this.

Click through to this special page to grab your place <— lines will go fast so do that now

George Lamoureux, master herbalist will explain clearly that if you live anywhere in the civilized world you do have chronic stress that is causing some kind of health symptom.

George tells us that we do not need to look sick to be sick…

Click the link above and be on this call so that you can fully enjoy this most wonderful season of all.

When: Tuesday, December 11th at 11:00 AM. Pacific, he brings to you this complimentary teleclass focused on stress relief.

Click through to this special page to grab your place <— there are limited lines so do it now while you’re thinking about it

Oh, and please don’t think this means without stress you’ll end up in a useless puddle not able to get things done…

… quite the opposite. While others are
gaining weight, <—
dreading their to-do lists, grumbling about the weather, complaining about the other drivers, resentful of the long lines, you are in control with calm and peace. Smiling and truly enjoying the holidays without the weight gain and nasty “new year” regrets.

Click through to this special page to grab a seat <—

During this special teleclass, I’m going to get George to reveal natural ways to transform the nervous system to get out of the “fight or flight” default mode.

As you know, most of us live in the fight or flight mode which we now know causes most chronic diseases, and perhaps even worse, if we do not actively and consciously allow the body to relax into the parasympathetic mode, we cannot heal chronic health problems.

Read that again…

most health practitioners do not know this…

Now you do… This is why you must, must attend this super important call where George will tell us how living in a chronic fight or flight state is likely at the root of your health complaints.

Perhaps your chronic stress and fight or flight mode you are always in is why you have not been able to lose weight or fully heal your health condition?

I’m looking forward to telling you about my own healing journey… while master herbalist, George Lamoureux will help all those on this special call to start healing the stress which = healing of health issues, less weight gain, more happiness and success, and so much more…

Plus, 1 lucky participant will win a free consultation with George.

Grab your seat now <—

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