BioTrust Nutritionals Warns About Artificial Sweeteners Hiding in Your Favorite Food

If you don’t know already, using artificial sweeteners makes you fat and ruins your chance for ever having a lean body. Not to mention that artificial sweeteners are not good for your health.

This is part two in a 3-part series on deceptive labeling that food manufacturers can get away with.

Just in case you missed the prior blog post on the No. 1 absolutely worst deceptive labeling practice

here’s part one


I guarantee it will surprise you…


Okay, back to artificial sweeteners… even if you are checking the label for artificial sweeteners, you may miss certain key words to watch out for. I have your back as I’ve taken the time to show you exactly what to look for… See it below.

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Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are not just really bad news for your health, you need to understand that they’re also a top violator of “calorie free” deceptive labeling practices.


Let me tell you what I mean:

What you need to know is that it’s very common for certain brands of artificial sweeteners to use maltodextrin and/or dextrose (which is pure sugar) as fillers in each cute little packet.

You need to know that each one of these sweet, cute little packets can legally contain up to a full gram of sugar or around 7 calories and still be labeled as calorie free.


How many packets of sweetener do you put in your favorite beverage like coffee or tea.?

When I used to use artificial sweeteners I know I didn’t just use one…

I personally know people who put 3 – 5 packets of this stuff in their coffee or on their cereal…please…

This is hardly calorie free, right?

But wait…it gets worse…

…maltodextrin and dextrose are two of the biggest insulin-spiking carbs you can possibly choose — the entire reason people choose artificial sweeteners over sugar in the first place, right?


Bottom line on artificial sweeteners:

If you decide to continue using them, then please see if the label contains any sugar as filler. And I highly encourage you to switch to so many of the new, safe, truly calorie free “natural” sugar substitutes like stevia 

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