Truth About Abs Shows You How These Specific 3 Foods FIGHT Abdominal Fat…

Did you know that there are specific foods you can eat that can tip your body into fat-burning mode? It’s not what you think…avoiding sugar or have more protein…




Instead, I’m talking about specific foods that positively influence the hormones that program your body to store fat.


===>>Truth About Abs has an article by Mike Geary names at least 3 of them…


Yes, we can choose foods that program our body to be lean…


Did you know that the excess fat you hate on your body is much more than a vanity issue?


Mike Geary taught me this…fat doesn’t just sit there on your belly, hips or thighs…


You see, most people think that fat is just unsightly flab, period…


They think it’s the inevitable result of “eating too much”… or that’s just the way their body is genetically programmed to be.


Well, turns out that nothing could be further from the truth…


Body fat doesn’t just sit there. Mike tells me that it is much more than just a source of stored up energy…


…fat is metabolically active, constantly firing out chemicals that can destroy your health…and fat is a storage bucket for all the chemicals from pesticides we ingest to chemicals from our environment.


Please read the article I’m linking to today so you will not be doomed to a lifetime of misunderstanding of your health and how you can take control of not only how you look, but also take control of how you age and prevent common health conditions.


====>>Truth About Abs shows you 3 foods that FIGHT abdominal fat  <<==== click the link to discover


Now, if you don’t know who Mike Geary is, let me give you an introduction.


Mike is the author of Truth About Six Pack Abs, one of the best-selling fitness programs of all time. And, let me assure you, his fitness/health knowledge and wisdom goes much deeper than the superficial aspect of getting a lean body and ripped abs.


He is one of the few people who really “gets it” when it comes to health and nutrition.


He never follows the latest popular fads. He’s not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.


While you can, check out Mike’s article about the

three foods that fight abdominal fat.


And if you like what he has to say, be sure to keep reading to discover at least 12 other foods, teas, spices and more that can combat fat-storing hormones and program your body to be lean.


We all used to think that fat was a benign result of eating to much…a source of guilt and shame. Mike Geary from Truth About Abs is here to help you throw away that old tired weight loss information.


Truth About Abs tells you the truth about fat loss the right way


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