Dangerous Belly Bugs: Why you should NEVER use Splenda® (dangerous health warning)

“Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?” – author unknown


Do NOT eat this. Go here now and take this 2-minute health quiz…

Some of you know that I’ve had some digestive health issues which is what finally drove me to start this blog…

I’m much better now that I’m eating better and I frankly want to help people avoid the mistakes I’ve made because the truth is that education is more powerful that medication.

Thank goodness I didn’t get to the point of medication etc.

So listen to this:

Did you know that Splenda®, also known as “sucralose”, is silently hurting your health?

Among other nutritional no-nos, I used artificial sweeteners extensively and now I’m spending time healing my gut and trying to reverse health issues related to wrong eating.

Well, I personally have learned my lesson about what goes in to my mouth everyday…

…what about you?


Take the short 2-minute quiz below to see what I mean:

==>Is your belly INFESTED with Dangerous, TOXIC bacteria? (Find out NOW)

Never mind the slick marketing which tells us that

Splenda® is “Made from Sugar, so it Tastes

like Sugar”.

Splenda®, also known as sucralose, is an artificial, chemical sweetener.

End of story.


Do not be fooled by advertisement claims that say that Splenda® “Made from Sugar, so it Tastes like Sugar”.

This marketing is simply an attempt to confuse consumers, Splenda® is not natural and contains no elements of natural sugar.


There is nothing natural in this product…

 Did you know that Splenda® contains chlorine?

Yes, the same chlorine that goes in swimming pools. And here’s the worst sid

Just like pool chlorine kills off micro-organisms in swimming pools, Splenda® and sucralose kill off healthy bacteria that lives in your gut — healthy bacteria that is VITALLY important to virtually every aspect of your health.

This is what has happened to me over the years.

My digestive tract has an imbalance of healthy immune-boosting bacteria and this hurts my health.


Serious gut and digestive problems are very common but they are reversible if you correct your eating now…


I could give you tons of research information, but the report you get after you take the super quick quiz below tells you everything you need to know to begin healing your own health.

==>>Is your belly INFESTED with Dangerous, TOXIC bacteria?  (Find out NOW)

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