Healthy Bacteria? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

“When you discover it’s your choice and your attitude, things start to happen!” – author unknown


Before I get to the topic of “healthy” bacteria—let me set the stage. As you know, 3 years ago, before I had this blog, I became ill and was struck by very strange digestive symptoms.

My doctor assumed it was anxiety, but I knew it went deeper than that…

I now know those strange symptoms (too lengthy to describe here) stemmed directly from an imbalance of “healthy” bacteria in my gut. I’ve always had digestive challenges, but these symptoms became alarming and I knew I had to do some reading and learning to find a way to heal.

Are you surprised to know that your gut has “bacteria” whether it is healthy or unhealthy? No worries, you’re not the only one… but, more and more of the mainstream is talking about probiotics, healthy bacteria, and the importance of balancing the digestive system.


Read on to see if you likely have a digestive imbalance:

In fact, true health and fitness cannot really happen until we get our insides (digestion) working optimally. I know that now, and it’s an important message for everyone to know.

Further down in this article I’ll explain a bit about healthy gut bacteria, and directly below is a free report you need to get which will introduce you to 10 gut cleansing foods you can start using today to prevent the unpleasant, scary digestive crisis I had. 


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How do you know if your digestive tract does not have healthy probiotics, or healthy bacteria?
Glad you are curious…here’s the deal.Experts tell us that if you have common symptoms like:
  •       acid reflux,
  •       irregular bowel movements,
  •       allergies (food allergies or environmental),
  •       hormone imbalances,
  •       foggy thinking,
  •       etc, etc…

All of these and many more health issues literally stem from a bacterial imbalance in the gut.


When you think of promoting a healthy digestive tract, your first thought is likely yogurt, right?

Oops…not so fast. Be careful about which brand you choose since many brands of yogurt create more bacterial imbalance instead of making digestion better.


The worst yogurt  <<=== click the blue link to see if you’re’ eating this one

As I get a stronger and healthier digestive system—here’s what is also amazing…all the ancient medical practitioners knew and taught the monumental importance of creating a healthy gut environment.


For example, Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the father of modern medicine said:

“All diseases begin in the gut!”

The more our nutrition and research experts learn with modern scientific tools, the more they realize just how right our ancient medical practitioners were!

If you can see how important your digestive health is to everything in your life, then I highly encourage you to click over to the next page to get the free report which will tell you about the top 10 foods you need to begin nourishing your gut and cleansing out the bad, unhealthy bugs that are making you both fat and sick.


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The TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods (flush out TOXINS and “bad” bugs with these) <<=== Click the blue link now to get the report

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