Hormone Health: What Your Health-care Practitioner May be Overlooking

“Laughter has immune boosting and stress relieving benefits. A 4 year-old laughs 400 times a day… A 40 year-old only four.”

As a woman over 50 I’ll frankly tell you that I have unknowingly made health decisions over the years that have negatively impacted my hormonal health. (Such as, antibiotics to treat skin issues as a teenager, eating too much sugar, not eating enough healthy fat, digestive problems do to stress and lifestyle, etc.) Now I’m taking super positive steps to restore my overall hormonal health. If this sounds familiar, and you’d like to get healthier and harmonize your hormones, please stay tuned and sit tight for an upcoming interview with Chinese herbal master, George Lamoureux from JingHerbs.com.


Women in their 20’s and 30’s:

 Let’s set the stage with some common hormonal complaints that likely fit your situation:

Let’s say your in your 20’s or 30’s and you have a common hormonal complaint of PMS. You’re gaining weight, feeling “off,” and are frequently tired, irritable, and moody.

During the week (or more) before your period, you are having cravings, bloating, mood swings, weepiness, or anger. You have breast tenderness and just not yourself no matter what you do.

Then, the week of your period, you get cramps and perhaps heavy bleeding. And, if my math is right, half the month is spent with premenstrual symptoms that are common, but, experts like George Lamoureux say that these signs are loud messages from the body showing disharmony which leads to worse health problems down the road.

Women over 40:

Now, if you’re in your 40s, 50’s, and beyond, you may be noticing more pronounced symptoms sometimes seemingly unrelated to hormonal issues like:

  •       Digestion (reflux, IBS, gas and bloating, etc),
  •       aches and pains,
  •       frequent problems with memory,
  •       sleep disturbances,
  •       focus,
  •       mood,
  •       not to mention weight gain,
  •       sex drive,
  •       and on and on.

None of your friends have any answers, (yet they are experiencing similar issues) and when you visit your health-care practitioner, they likely tell you that hormones fluctuate so frequently that it isn’t worth testing them. If you are tested, you might be told that your estrogen and progesterone levels are in the normal range so there’s nothing to worry about. Then he/she wants to prescribe the birth-control pill, some antidepressants, or if you’re older, your doctor only has 1 answer, regular hormone replacement therapy.

Not a pretty picture, but this happens all the time.

And, since it’s so common, we all shrug and assume it’s part of aging and there is nothing we can do.

Please do not think there are no answers. Please do not think you are a victim of your own body. There is so much you can do if you are willing to slow down, listen to your body, and try first some lifestyle changes and perhaps even some natural supplementation and natural herbs that can help you regulate your internal hormonal system.

Listen to the next interview I do with master herbalist, George Lamoureux from JingHerbs.com.

George and I will explore easy ways to calm your hormones with simple lifestyle and diet changes plus some ancient Chinese herbs that gently, naturally balance hormones.

Next time I will list some lifestyle changes you can easily start using which will begin to shift how your body feels and reacts.

In the mean time, check out these special herbal formulas at JingHerbs.com

 For PMS easily:

  •  Normalize Menstrual Cycle
  • Control/Ease Pain
  • Reduce Cramping and Bloating
  • Stabilize Mood

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For hot flashes and menopause:

 Menopause and the correct herbal healing kit is below. Here’s how it works.

  • The heat symptoms (night sweats and hot flashes) come from what the Chinese call a Yin deficiency. Very simply, that means there is not enough cooling energy in the body. This kit solves that.
  • The mood swings come from a hormonal imbalance.
  • The dryness originates from the internal heat burning off internal fluids.

 Get this kit below and start feeling better like I have.

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Please don’t live with unpleasant health symptoms we can resolve. Of course we need to address lifestyle, stress and nutrition along with taking healing herbs and supplements.

I’ll address stress, lifestyle, and nutrition next time.

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