One of The Most Processed Health Foods

“Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have; it’s caused by disturbing something that you already have. Health is not something you need to get, it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.” – Dean Ornish

Have you decided to stop drinking or eating dairy and now you are using non-dairy products instead? Read on to check out this health info about non-dairy products. It will surprise you.

I read this amazing article today about how the food industry has capitalized on the trend away from dairy consumption.

Well, interestingly, the food industry is always right there benefitting from food trends like the non-dairy beverage niche.. So let’s talk about this, okay?

Last year alone the industry made 1.3 billion from this niche of folks who for a variety of reasons have decided to ditch commercial dairy.

Most people dump dairy and then choose non-dairy products like:

  •       Almond
  •       Coconut
  •       Soy
  •       Oat
  •       Rice
  •       Hemp etc.

If this is you, pay attention because anything processed made to last on the shelf must have a lot of processing and this makes these non-dairy products less than advantageous for your health and even your weight loss efforts.

Now, of course I think that commercial dairy products are not healthy either as I write in this article about the best way to choose dairy.

However, choosing highly processed non-dairy is not the answer—see what I’m talking about.

The Most go?

When manufactures process non-dairy products they use tons of chemicals to extract the liquid from the seed or nut they are using.

For example, during processing, seeds, nuts or grains are heated to high temperatures and sometimes extracted with chemical solvents (like hexane).  The resulting product is one that bears little resemblance – nutritionally or visually – to cow’s milk.

So, the product must undergo “processing” so that it becomes palatable.

Fortification, and nothing but sweetness!

If you take a look at the ingredients label on most nondairy beverages, you’ll find that nutrients have been added to achieve a nutritional profile that is similar (at a glance) to cow’s milk.

As usual, manufactures save money by using synthetic vitamins that have been shown to hurt your health…

Then they add dangerous vegetable oils like sunflower and safflower to give the product a mouth feel similar to cow’s milk.

Finally, unless you choose a non-dairy product that says “unsweetened” you will have something that is sweetened with agave nectar, brown rice syrup or just plain sugar – bringing the sugar content in a single 8 oz. glass to nearly the same level as a cola!

Shocking, but true, and this is why I’m writing about this.

But even if you don’t opt for the original sweetened or chocolate varieties of non-dairy products, your blood sugar could be in for a ride. For example, I read that rice milk has a very high glycemic result of (GI 79-92) and oat milk (GI 69). In everyday speak, these blood sugar levels are not far behind those of a plain milk shake.

The non-dairy solution:

Find a good product to buy like “Let’s Do Organic coconut cream and add water to make a coconut milk. Or make your own coconut or almond milk. The homemade version is so much more ideal and it will likely be much more economical.

Frankly the experts I’ve spoken to say that the other non-dairy milks like rice and oat milks spike the blood sugar too much.

Bottom line: Please reconsider off the shelf non-dairy products unless you know for sure how the product was made and it has no synthetic vitamins, sugar or vegetable oils added.

Also see if you can find out the extraction process since most big manufacturers use toxic chemicals like hexane to extract the liquid from the seed or grain.

Or, simply make your own coconut or almond milk.

Be healthy and safe out there, okay?

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